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5 Bedside Table Loves To Make Your Holiday Feel More Like Home

When Im away on holiday I always miss home. 

Im a full home bird, what can I say. 

But there are a few tricks I have learnt along the way that help me to feel a little more at home when Im spending some time getting to know another part of the world. 

Obvioulsly we are not talking packing up the furniture and fully moving your house into the place your staying. I like to take 5 things that I can keep next to the bed that make me feel a little comfort when I am missing my true home comforts. 

Ok so the first thing doesn’t actually belong on the bedside table but its close enough. I like to take my own pillow case. I know it might seem a little extreme but if your lying in bed and missing your own bed, you can cuddle yourself into the pillow and it feels like your snuggled up in your own home but you get to wake up in another amazing part of the world. 

My Lush Twilight spray comes everywhere with me. This is the definition of comfort. After putting on my pjs I like to spritz this all over myself, which is something I do when Im at home. Before I jump into bed I spritz this onto my pillow to add a little extra comfort. The lavender and tuna totally makes me feel super relaxed and chilled.

The third is my trusty Lano lips, I often find when Im staying away in different places my lips can get super dry. Even if I haven’t ventured abroad the air con in hotel rooms can often leave my lips super irritated. My lano lips lives on my bedside table at home, which kind makes me feel a little more like I’m in a home from home.

Ok so this one may seem a little strange but my jewellery laid out across the bedside table is obviously something that happens A LOT at home. Its the place I find all my jewellery because when you take it off at night thats the most practical place to put it. I mean why would I walk into my room to put my jewellery away. It just doesn’t make sense. The bedside is the one. Of course when I’m away I like to take off my jewellery and put it straight on my bedside table. When I open my eyes in the morning I smile at the thought of the gorgeous jewellery box and stand I have at home and swear to myself that when I get back I will start to use it more. Maybe I need to make room on my bedside table for the jewellery box! 

The last important item that makes itself at home on the bedside table when  Im away from home exploring the world is my eye mask. You just never know what those curtains are going to be like when you go away and I am super sensitive to the light when I sleep. The sleep mask monster stills comes to your room when your away and takes off your mask during the night, anyone else wondered how this happens. But this helps me to make that first falling of sleep a little easier. Oh and sometimes to make it a little easier I like to plug in my earphones, so I suppose there is six but lets pretend I didn’t mention those. 

Do you have certain items you like to take away with you when you go away? Or can you totally adapt to your surrounding and be super chill in the new environment. 



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