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A Real Blog Chat

Five years on and its still going. Which may seem like an achievement but honestly I expected more. 

Its true what they say if you want something you’ve got to work for it and really that’s not what Ive been doing. But I have loved this blog as a hobby and can see it lasting a lifetime. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of my thoughts on the blogging community, I wanted to share a recent gifted laptop skin and phone case that was sent over by CaseApp. They are offering you 20% a case of your choice with the code CHARLOTTESAM20 which lasts until the end of September. 

CaseApp offer you the opportunity to personalise your own cases or you can pick one of the fab designs that they have on their website. It took me an age to finally pick the ones I did. They offer something for everyone from plain, to humorous, to floral, animal. You name it they probably have it and if they don’t you can always upload your own design. I would have probably leant more towards the boobie or naked lady design but since I work in education I thought it best that I stick to something a little more professional and shall we say safe for my phone case.

I picked this gorgeous wildflower theme, which Ive had so many compliments on since I put it on my phone. They also offer you the choose of finish for your phone case, matte or glossy. Both are equally stunning and Ill probably swap between the two. The iPhone cases are priced at £19 each, pretty reasonable if you ask me. Considering we are happy to spend that on a good burger and chips. 

The laptop skin is great because unlike a case it isn’t bulky and takes away from the sleek look of your laptop but stops the lid of your laptop from becoming scratched. And obviously looks bloody cute. Again with the skins you can create your own or pick from one of their designs, which are the same as those that offer for your laptop. If I was feeling daring I would have gone for the naked ladies skin but then I thought what about that one time I might make it into a coffee shop to write up a blog post or I sit on a train to a blogging event writing a blog post. And thought better of it. Cause I’m not that confident just yet. But Im working on that. I went for, you’ll never guess it. The wildflower skin. The skins cost £22 which when you think your paying £19 for a phone case you’ve pretty much nailed it.

Lets flash back five years. I started CharlotteSamantha for a hobby, something I could do when all my old friends were out socialising and spending time together. Id lost all my friends.

Yes part of me was sad another part happy. I felt like I had those in my life that I needed and no longer needed. I no longer needed to pretend like I wanted to spend my Friday night at a friends house when all I really wanted was to be in PJs snuggled up in bed. 

I started my blog and the blogging community were amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and wanted to share the love. Fast forward a year and the love was still pouring, I had a group chat with around 10 girls and we spoke to each other everyday. That lasted a good few months and everyone kind of dwindled off. 

Everything was going really well for my blog, the views were great, my socials were growing (slowly but still growing) and honestly I loved tapping away and creating all the content. 

Two years later and my love had totally gone. The blogging world had changed. It felt saturated. And I felt lost. The content was gone and I didn’t really know were to go with CharlotteSamantha. 

And to be completely honest I feel like that feeling continued for the last two years. Until August this year, when suddenly something clicked and I thought you know what. Im not feeling the pressure from anyone. Im putting up the content that makes me happy. Im posting the photos to Instagram that I want to post and it feels good. If I don’t post to my blog who cares. If I do wooo, lets celebrate. 

And thats where im at with CharlotteSamantha and Im happy about it. If in years to come this little space of mine makes me a little bit of money or if its simply still a hobby im ok with that. We are just going to work hard (and by working hard I mean go at my own pace and post the shit that I love) and see where this little journey of mine takes me. 



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