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Summer Pamper*

A hot sticky day calls for one thing…

A big ol pamper sesh. 

I know a hot bubble bath isn’t what your needing after a long day but lets just keep it a warm bubble bath. Hey we could even get rid of the bubbles and just add a splash of Epsom salts or a nice little bath oil. Im thinking something a little more refreshing. 

Since we have set the scene with the bath, lets add one candle. You’re favourite. Bring your favourite bunch of flowers to create the best environment to sit back and chill. 

Whilst we have the bath running, the candle flickering and music on low ( yup you gotta add your favourite summer playlist) lets wipe of the days sweat and grime from our face. I did put make up on this morning but lets be real the days sweat and tears because there was no ice left has removed most of that. What a waste of the ten minutes it took you to put it on. Never mind. 

Ive been loving using the Magnitone WipeOut* to remove the mask that’s been covering my face all day. What better way to clean off all that grime than with water and a cloth. Not let me tell you. I’m all about using all the products but sometimes when we are feeling a little hot and sweaty its about using as little as possible. With the Magnitude WipeOut its as simple as some warm water, or cold if you’re feeling extra warm and bam. It will wipe your make-up clean off. What makes the WipeOut even better is thats its made from 100% bamboo which means we are talking super eco friendly.

Now this parts really up to you, you can stew in your own dirt for hours upon hours with your favourite Netflix show playing or like me you can jump in and out within 10 minutes. 

My favourite part of the whole evening is when you’ve had a good 20 minute lie down on the bed to cool down. Lets not all pretend we don’t do this. 

Once you’ve woken from that little slumber of peace and coolness. Its time to sort the rest of your body, if its your eyebrows, fake tan, or a quick paint of the nails nows the time. I don’t like to keep everything for one night because I just honestly don’t have the time or patience for that. Slather up in your favourite body cream. 

Now grab your BFF or invite that hot guy you’ve been watching for the past six weeks, get yourself a nice cold glass of lemonade (or an alcoholic beverage of your choice, depends how wild your feeling if its a work night). Get in the garden and just chill, have big ol chat and just feel care free. 



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