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Ten Things To Do This August

It’s August. Which means one thing. It’s my Birthday month. 

And what better way then to hit it off with a ten things to do this August. 

  1. Go Fruit picking – this is something on my list as a MUST. But looking at the weather this is only going to go as far as picking up a couple of packs of fruit from the supermarket. But we live in hope. 
  2. Beach Walk – There is nothing better than a bit of fresh air, grab your best pals and take a walk along the beach. If you’re anything like me you’ll have your shoes straight off so you can feel the sand on your toes. 
  3. Read A New Book- Grab a book, plonk your butt on your bed and read like yo
  4. u’ve never read before. August is one of those months when I always tend to read more. 
  5. Declutter – Your gals an August baby which means one thing organisation is key to life. Go into that draw that you’ve been pushing closed for months and sort that bad boy out. 
  6. Start Something New – This one is a little open ended. But there may be that one thing that you have been dying to do. For me this is Yoga so Ive joined a beginners class and we are going to smash it!
  7. Enjoy The Sunshine – It is still the Summer after all so go get yourself some vitamin C. Go to the park, your garden or walk between the shops ( I got you covered girl).
  8. Plan Your Autumn Wardrobe – I know we are still in Summer but the A/W 19 fashion is beginning to hit the shops and honestly Im loving it!
  9. Take A Photo Everyday- Set yourself a challenge. Can you take a photo of something that makes you happy everyday of August. Im going to take to Instagram and see if I can complete my own challenge. 
  10. Make One New Friend – Lets throw the hardest one in last. Do you think you can make one new friend this August? Im going to try my bloody hardest so if your reading this – drop into my DM’s and you never know maybe we could become besties. 



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