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A Skincare Upgrade

If you told me one simple change to my skincare would change things up for good. Id have said nope, you telling me lies. 

But this time Im telling you the truth. 

Ive found my saviour. 

The one thing that my skin thrives from. 

 Lets quickly jump back a few months. My skin had always been super oily in the T zone, congested on my nose and my chin and my pores are huge. Well they are when you get up close and personal with them like I obviously do. January 2019 and bam, hello dryness. Your gals been battling with the oily skin for so many years that I just didn’t know what to do. My oils just weren’t cutting it. I added a new moisturiser and I think we have finally made a happy medium. BUT 

And that’s a big bloody but (I wish we were talking about my actual butt, I think ill keep that a little more private though). My spots were freaking out, and I think by adding the thicker moisturiser my nose and chin were even more congested.  

Then the Magnitone Barefaced 2  was introduced to me and the rest is history. Well kind of. This little guy does not leave my side, if I’m sleeping out you bet this is in my bag ready for an adventure.

Lets get into the nitty gritty. The Magnitone comes with two heads, one cleansing and the other to tone the skin. This facial brush also comes with 3 modes, which for me is amazing because some days I need that extra boost whilst others my skin doesn’t need such a deep clean. The brush starts with a sensitive clean moving onto a deep clean and the third mode is a pulse lift which helps to tone the skin. I use the sensitive clean most days but around 1/2 days a week ill use the deep clean to really get everything out of my skin. Ive used the toning setting a couple of times and really like how it leaves my skin.

Now onto how my skin has taken to it. 

At first it cleared my skin up amazingly and my skin was left feeling super soft every time I used it. To the point when I couldn’t stop touching my face. I know, gross and obviously then I started to get spots. 

Honestly, I think its a mix of reasons. 1. your gal was constantly touching her face and 2. my skin was totally not use to the brush and it was probably pulling out years worth of gross build up under my skin. 

I perceived and continued to use it how I had been and boom. The spots started to go. Im not saying I’ve got clear skin now, Ive definitely still got some blemishes but I really don’t think Ill ever be one of those girls who can walk around confidently without a little bit of base on because my skin has always had a few break outs for as long as I can remember. 

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate how cute it looks. Ive just started to decorate the bathroom. Adulting is officially happening. This is going to look so cute against the white tiles we will eventually get up. They are currently sitting in there boxes on the bathroom floor, because who has time for all these house things. 

All in all, the Magnitone Barefaced 2 is my best gal. My got to. My ride or die. She is with me all the way. Yes she is £90, but. (We got back to the booty talk) She is worth it and if you buy her off the Magnitone website you can actually pay £15 a month, which means everyone is a winner. 



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