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Its late I’m sorry! I’ve had such a hectic few weeks that I haven’t had time to plan my blogs which I am very sorry about but I am not back in full swing! This weeks Summer series is all about my carry on bag, this will be similar to last weeks beach bag as I have a few items that I don’t yet have such as sweets etc but I will still explain what I always take.


The first thing I always make sure I have when I’m leaving for the airport is all my documents and passport, I have a Cath Kidston passport cover on mine which of course you have to remove when you get there but I think it looks pretty anyway. Girls will be girls!

My I-pod is a must when I am flying as I like to block out all the horrible noises that the aeroplane  makes, im not a good person to fly with! Instead of earphones like I would normally use I like to use headphones so that it really does block out all noises! I really hate flying! Another must is my sunglasses, like I mentioned in my last Summer Series post I like to buy a new pair when im in the airport or when I actually get on my holiday.


I like to carry a make-up bag with me in which I keep some hair bobbles, grips, a mirror, you know all the girly kinda things.


Books and magazines are a must! I have to have at least two books and as many magazines as I can fit into my bag once I get into the airport. I like to read what can I say!

A purse of course is a necessity to keep all the money in that I plan on spending in both the airport and once I get on holiday. I got this cute one in Camden Market at one of the little stalls, it was only something like 50p!

The last thing I like to throw into my bag is a hand held fan just as I tend to get hot a sweaty (mm nice) when I get on the plane and this usually cools me down.

Hope you have enjoyed reading what I like to take on the plane with me, let me know what you take with you!




  • Rosie Mason

    Totally agree with big headphones, Im so bad with my carry on, I try to pack my life in there with completely un-necessary things that I wont use, you look like you’ve got your carry on bag organised and realistic… unlike me haha! Rosie xx

    • Charlotte Samantha

      I hate flying so much that I have got to have big head phones with me! hahah oh I have in the past but I just cant carry it round the airport so have learnt to take less!
      Charlotte xx

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