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Hiya lovelies! Todays post is new to me but is one that I love to read on other peoples blogs and as you will be able to see from the title it is a products ive used up, by no mean does this mean ive loved all the products I have just simply used them up. So lets get started.
Heres an overview of the products which are now empty, some I would re purchase others I wouldn’t.
The first two are hair products, the one on the left is the Mark Hill Love Big Hair! Big It Up Volume Shampoo 250ml which is on offer at the minute in Boots for £3.66. I noticed a huge difference when using this shampoo on my hair. It gave it so much more volume than it my hair normally has and made it feel soo much more smoother and I felt it looked tidier. I loved this so much I actually bought another one. The product on the left is an Argain oil Hydrating Hair Mask which I bought in the poundshop, rather than using this as a hair mask I used it as conditioner as my hair was in bad condition. This really helped get my hair back to its proper condition and for a pound I would definitely by this again.
Next is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polishâ„¢ Hot Cloth Cleanser, which I used as a cleanser on a night time to remove any dirt and make-up. I liked this cleanser but I wouldn’t say it is the best one I have ever used. If I was bought another one I would use it but I wouldn’t choose to buy this one. The next product is Coconut Body Butter by The Body Shop, I bought this I was drawn in by the smell of the product, it smells so good I could eat it! It is a good body butter and leaves you skin feeling softer for longer and very moisturised, I would definitely buy this again.
Next is the three make-up products of this post, Maybelline the Rocket Volum’ Express Very Black Mascara. I bought this when every was loving the falsies, I usually don’t like a plastic brush but LOVE this mascara! I found this mascara made my eye lashes very long, thick and just totally amazing. This is my holy grail mascara and im feeling very scared to not have one in my make-up collection right now. I would 10000% buy this again and again and again. Next is Studio Fix Fluid, my total favourite of all foundations I have ever tried, this is one which I will always want. With amazing coverage and lasting time there is no doubt why I love this so much. I would have a back up of this of all times if I could afford the small fortune it costs! Lastly on this section is Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, I didn’t totally fall in love with this as much as I would have loved to have. The coverage was good enough for me but it stuck to dry patches on my face and looked really patchy after a days wear. I wouldn’t purchase this foundation again.
The last product in this post has already been re-purchased so is definitely a winner. It is the Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum this was the fragrance of 2013 for me and I love it so much a re bought it straight away. It has such a gorgeous smell that stays put all day, I received so many compliments when wearing this!




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