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Hiyaa!! I’m finally sticking to my plan and blogging every two days, yippee to me! In tonight’s post I thought id chat to you about some personal things that has been happening with me lately and I think it is important to chat about. And that is university.
From being young I have always dreamed of working with children, ive never totally been sure in what part I would like to work but my dreams have ranged from being a midwife to being a primary school teacher to being a child councillor. So my last year off sixth form came and I applied for primary education at my local university’s and many around the Uk but knew I didn’t want to move away as im too much of home bird. unfortunately I didn’t pass the interview so was unsuccessful, however I had enough to time apply to another course I was successfully picked for the Childhood Studies course.
At first I was excited and couldn’t wait to start, but not long after starting uni I started to get a little bored but stuck it out and thought it will get better its just the first year after all! Although, a few months passed and I was still unsure about what I wanted to do. And that brings us to now.
More and more thoughts went through my head and i decided to talk to Alex about it and we both discussed my possibilities. I then spoke to my mam and dad and friends and they all said they were  behind me and that I should do what I feel is best.
At the moment I have pretty much decided that I am going to leave uni after this first year is over as it is just not for me, I am going to work full time for  a year and explore all the different possibility’s I have.
Basically, what I hoped you would gain from this post is an insight to what other things are out there and if you don’t think uni is for you, don’t stick to it just because you are worried about what other people think or that you wont get a job after. Look into other things that you are interested in and see if there any other roots you could go down to get there. Im not saying just throw the towel in and forget it but there are definitely other ways of doing things you love.
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