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I bought this a few weeks ago now but I’ve been wanting to write a review on it for a while as i have been unsure of what to think of the product. I was so excited when i was stood in boots and saw this product on the shelf after trying to get my hands on it for weeks, but i finally managed to get my paws on it.  Eyebrows are something i have never been good at getting right so i thought the idea behind Maybellines BROWdrama would really help me to get a perfect shape but also the right amount of colour in my brows as id like. I wanted to give this product a few weeks before writing a post, just to make sure i had the perfect explanation and experience with it before telling you.

On a normal trip to boots or superdrug i am forever looking out for funky/fun names that jump out to me that ill grab and drop it into my basket. For this product i felt i could relate due to its name, BROWdrama, this is because of the massive drama i have with creating the right look with my brows! This made me want to drop this straight into my basket.

Bright colours, funky design and a bold title is what i would normally be drawn to in a beauty product but yet with this i wasn’t. A plain black packaging with a white title is not what i want in the packaging of my beauty products. I wasn’t impressed with the overall look of the BROWdrama on the shelf. Although i did buy it but more so for the product itself.

To start lets talk about the brush, the top of the brush is like a small ball moving down to a stick like brush. At first glance at the brush i thought it was going to make the application of the product easy and make it easy to create a gorgeous arch. Oh was i wrong. I found that the thick end of the brush made it a lot harder to shape my brows and rather than creating a nice shape made them look more like long stick across my eyes rather than a nice arch. Trying to use the smaller part of the brush caused great struggle. This part of the brush shouldn’t even be on the applicator as you can’t use it without making a brown mark else where on your face.
The colour was perfect to my eyebrows, i got mine in Dark Blond, having dark blondish hair always made it hard to find a perfect colour for my brows however this was literally the perfect colour. However, i couldn’t get an even spread of the colour and the colour didn’t really show well on my brows.
I also found that once i had applied the product it felt wet and didn’t feel like it had dried until around 10/15 minutes after applying.
After around 3/4 hours i would find that i would have dark chunks of the product in my brow, which is obviously not the look i was aiming for.

My overall feeling of this product is that there are some really good aspects of this product although there are some major issues that i had with this product which would make me not buy this again. I was very disappointed with this and wish that this could have worked for me but unfortunatly this hasn’t.




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