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Where Have I Been

It seems like forever ago that I was sat typing up a blog post. And Im going to be real with you, I have very much wanted to sit and type up a post but whats a post without photos. My camera was packed deep. Under what felt like thousands of boxes and pushed to the back of what soon turned into the storage room. You must have guessed that it was finally time to move. Firstly I moved into my parents new house whilst we waited a few more weeks until ours was ready. And it has been such long time coming but we are finally here, what a relief. There is obviously going to be many a post about our new home, but who knew it took so long for you to actually fully decide where all the furniture would go and what looks best were!

The house. Our house. The fact I can now say that is crazy. It feels like we have waited so long to actually be ¬†able to call this place home, but now we are in it feels like we have been in forever. We are slowly getting to grips with what we want the house to look and feel. And of course I already have planned were the Christmas tree is going to go! It wouldn’t be a real move if we weren’t using boxes as furniture in some parts of the house but thats the fun part right?

Im back and honestly feeling stronger than ever. I am ready to get this show started. Lets start as we mean to go on and upload Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We already have Monday ticked off and I’ll let you into a little secret. Wednesday and Friday and ready to go. I did it wahooo!

Oh and one last little thing. Well its not little. Its huuuuuge. The wedding is booked. I told you here first. 04/07/2020 is the day we will finally say I do. Which of course means your going to be seeing a lot more wedding content here too.

Thats all for now, speak to you soon




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