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Spring Make-Up Edit

I don’t know about you but if somebody says the words Spring and Make-Up in the same sentence I automatically imagine all the glowing, the pinks and the nude lips. But thats just me.

I have to add a little disclaimer in here, when I first thought about putting this post up it was back in March. And when I’m trying to show you things you should be using in Spring I shouldn’t really be uploading it mid May but you know what you win some you lose some. And its better late than never right? Please agree with me just to keep me from losing all hope with this little blog of mine.

Getting back onto what I smash onto my face lets starts with the most important part, well lets call it the part that I am so into right now. The base. Once I have popped all the skincare goodies onto my face I have been obsessed with using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. This feels light weight on the skin but covers all the imperfections that seem to be popping up on my skin at the minute. I have mine in the shade 3.5 which is perfect colour for this time of year, this foundation also gives the best glow, the perfect starting base.  I follow with my trusty fav Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I pop this under my eyes to brighten them up a little. To calm the glow down a little I have been using a little of the Glossier Wowder powder, which to be honest Im not totally loving but I’ll use it till it runs out. You know when you have one of those products.

To add a little bronze to my super pale skin Ive been using the Benefit Hoola bronzer, this add the perfect amount of shape to my face. I blend this out under my cheek bones and around the edges of my forehead. I then add a little Bobbi Brown blusher in Nectar, I don’t like to have too much blusher but this adds the perfect amount. The star of the show is the Mac Whisper of Guilt highlighter, I put this on the high points of my face and also on my eye lids. This is the most gorgeous highlight I think I have ever used.

To shape my eyebrows I have been loving using the Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Setter, Ive been dying my eyebrows lately which makes applying my make up so much quicker. I pop this through my brows which helps to keep them in shape all day. And lets talk about that gold packaging. I pop some of the Tom Ford Fullscreen Lash Mascara through my lashes and pop on some of the Charlotte Tilbury Secret Selma lipstick and I’m good to go. I honestly love how simple yet effective this make up look is.

Whats your go to look at the moment? If you could only pick three products to wear each day what would it be?

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