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Deep Thought

I was sat in a little trance the other day.

You know one of those where everything seems to be flying round your head.

And I thought you know what, Ive not talked hair on my blog for the longest of times and its something that I battle with on a daily basis.

I mean I’m being slightly dramatic here. Your girl aint got no major issues with her hair. Apart from the fact its super thick and seriously has a mind of its own. Which isn’t great, let me tell you.

But that got me thinking is anyone, anywhere actually happy with their hair. I’m always moaning about how thick my hair is but then the next girl is moaning about how thin it is. “I wish mine was thinner like yours” and Id be hit back with a “Don’t you dare say that, your hair is gorgeous. Look how thick is it” Yes I am aware of the thickness and if I could Id give some to you thanks.

Then that really got me thinking. And thinking. Until my thoughts shifted to those who are actually having major issues with their hair, issues that actually effect their life. Not like me, who just whinges because my pony tail is too thick! You know the type of issues that means their hair is falling out.

Which lead me to some crazy research about what can make your hair fall out and why. I then found myself looking into hair transplant, take a look at FUE hair transplant treatment as one of the exmaples. This stuff is real and it really does effect peoples lives.

I took from this crazy little thinking moment that we really shouldn’t take those little negatives to heart too much. At the end of the day we are who we are, we are never going to love everything about ourselves and if the one thing I’m moaning about is because my hair is too thick. Then Charlotte you need to look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself good talking too.


This post is sponsored however all opinions are my own.



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