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Tips for those days when you’re just not feeling blogging

For those days where you just don’t know what on earth you are going to write about the next week, month or maybe even that day. I found it best to write down all your ideas at once, then you have somewhere to go to when your in that little hump.

I’ve found the best blog post ideas I have come up with have been on those days where I have so many ideas that I end up writing a huge long list. Some of those ideas are just never going to happen. I don’t have the patient or time for some of the more complicated post but some I think, yes!!! Total light bulb moment for me there. And it definitely pays off.

Or are just so not happy with the way your photos are looking and you take 79487549 and delete every single one of them one after the other. Sit with your arms folded, knees crossed with the biggest grumpy face ever.

This ones for you.

The Ideas.

As I mentioned, up there, the best way of finding my blog post ideas is writing all the different thing I have in mind down. They tend to all come at one particular time. (Oh, and can I just quickly say, there is no right and wrong to this. We all do things differently. This just so happens to work for me). I like to make them into one long list, then I can break them down into posts I am actually going to achieve and remove the ones where I was 100% living in a dream land. I mean, am I really going to travel the world this year, no so why would I even think of doing a post about it!

If you can’t even manage this. My next tip is pretty great. Well even if I do say so myself. You’ve just bought a new product, top, skirt, book etc, it doesn’t even have to be new! It could be something you’ve had sitting in your draw for three years.  Write it down in the middle of your paper. Draw the prettiest bubble around it. Now think of any posts you could include this in. For example, the YSL Smokey eye quad I have. Draw a cute little arrow from the bubble pointing to the idea you’ve come up with. Before you know it you have a page full off ideas you didn’t even realise. You could then do this for every make-up item you own. And perfect! A years supply of blog post ideas.

The photos.

This is probably the hardest part for me. I pretty much hate every photo I have took for my blog. I either hate the lighting, or the sun is bouncing off one of the products. OR it looks too plain, or boring. But then I have other days where I could take photos for ever. But don’t be fooled, I then look at said photos and they all look the same. I think the only real tip I have for this is to take all the photos. I mean it. Just keep snapping away. Try different props, textures colours. Until you have eventually found the perfect set up.

And if you are having a bad photography day. Just forget it. Leave it and come back to it another time. Cause your only going to hate all the photos you have taken and go in an even bigger strop with yourself. But when you are having the best photography day, think ahead. Take all the photos you possibly can. Cause then you have a smaller chance of having one of those shitty photography days sometime soon.


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  • Rosa

    I love this post, I actually feel totally okay with the photography part. It’s the writing bit I struggle with, I have lots I would like to say but I never know if people would find it interesting.

    • Charlotte Samantha

      You should just go with it!! Your writing your blog for you right? If people dont like it, who cares!! You can do it girl ox

  • Olivia

    This post is so helpful! I hate it when my pictures don’t turn out right, makes me feel so unmotivated 🙁

    Olivia /Olivia Roses

  • Samantha Frances

    I always end up taking a million and one different pictures with different setups before I finally settle on one I’m happy with! And you’re totally right in just leaving it and coming back to it another day if it’s not working out, I find that’s the best thing to do! xxx

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