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3 Highend Highlighters

If you thought I was being dramatic about my obsessed with highlighters.

I wasn’t.

This shit is real. So obsessed that I couldn’t resit snapping up, pretty much the same, photos of the highend highlighters that are literally owning my life right now. If there is anything makeup can teach a girl, its that if you are ever feeling down get yourself some highlighter on and BOOM. You’ll feel on top of the world.

I promise.

My go to, ride or die has to be the Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop.

This little gem gives me all the feels. The packaging is beaut to start with. Then you flip the little lid and are blinded by what is hidden underneath. No joke. this stuff is incredible. Ok, ok maybe I exaggerated a little. But honestly you need this. Its one of the ones I pick when I’m really down in the dumps and I need the biggest pick me up. Or the bags under my eyes are looking gigantic and I need something to distract people from looking at the dreaded bags. You can pick this up from Cult Beauty and you need to now! This is a super sparkly golden colour which honestly blends so well but can be built up to make your perfect highlighter.

Next on the list has to be my Mac Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle.

This was the first highlighter I ever bought. I remember buying it and not really knowing exactly what I was suppose to do with it. It didn’t take me long to figure it our after a few youtube searches. This one is a little lighter in colour than the Becca highligher although on the same level in glitter. But it for sure adds that sparkle that every girl needs in their life. If you can’t get sparkle from anything else, you for sure need this type of highlighter.

The last is probably not really classed as high end. But for me it is. Its not a brand that I would spend my money on everyday.

The balm Mary Lou-Manizer.

If I’m totally honest. This was on my hate list until not too long ago. I thought it was far too light for my skin shade. It just looked super fake. Which is not what I’m about. But, turns out your girl didn’t blend properly and now this one adds a gorgeous glow to a more simple look. The hype is real around this one so you should probably try it out.


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