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I was sent a phone case from Mr. Nutcase who have many different gorgeous phone cases along side them allowing you to design your own phone case. I went for one of their pre-designed cases which I was lucky enough to choose myself. There are so many pretty designs that I couldn’t decide which one I wanted! so added around 6-7 n my basket and then chose from there.

I have the IPhone 4s  but they also can make cases for devices from Amazon, Apple, Blackberry, Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokie Samsung and Sony so they really do cater to all.

I chose the ‘You are my cuppa tea’ as I am a tea fanatic and thought it really suited my personality. I went for the ultra light weight slim line case as you could also pick a leather case which covered the front of your phone too. The case is a hard plastic but the back feels slightly spongy which makes me think that if I was to drop my phone it really is going to be protected. The sides of the case are a clear plastic which personally I like as I feel it makes it look a little more sophisticated.


I have had the case on my phone for around two weeks now and have dropped it too many times to count as I am a clumsy person and the case has most definitely protected my phone. There is no cracks in the phone case which I have found with cases in the past from when I have dropped them which I am very happy with.

Heres a few of the different designs I loved:


I have had soo many compliments about my phone case which of course makes me happy! So if you want to check out these custom iPhone cases head over to their website! As a special treat they have given my readers 10% with the code ‘Thanku10’ so get yourself over and make your phone shine for the summer!




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