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Online Dating

Online dating.

I bet you are so confused. Aren’t you planning a wedding and have been in a stable relationship for 7 years.

Yes your right. Thats me. This little kid in the corner, has never been on a real life date, other than what I call date night. But I’ve never had any of those butterfly, nervous stomach dates. I met Alex in school and to be honest, he is now all I have known. Back then there was never any of this swipe right, swipe left. It was a simple add you on Facebook and then lets just pretend we have been friends for years? Anyone else had one of those?

This however, doesn’t mean I’ve got no views on online dating and of course I know many a story about friends online dating experiences shall we say. But lets for this post just pretend, Charlotte is single. Like super single. No ring on that left hand, never has been single. And I’ll let you know what I think my online dating profile would look like..


Lets start with the introduction. Lets be real. Im not going to go by my full name, that shits too long. Lets think of a shorter, more sassy name. Lets go with Lottie. Cute but, the kinda gal thats got her shit together. I know when my appointments are and what Im doing tomorrow. Im super confident but don’t show it too much, I hide away until you really get to know me. Then BAM! Im all you see and hear. But I’ll not be too much. Ill leave you wanting more. But maybe the more is not what you want.

The photo. Im going to be real with you here. Im a total home bird. Which would definitely not change when it came to Lotties online dating profile. Ill try add a little bit of fun but lets not be too fake. Cause when you get to know me and realise that the girl sipping on the cocktail in her profile photo is 100% not me. Maybe more of a hot chocolate, hot water bottle kinda photo. Do you think I would sell it?

The only thing left is the bio. The few lines that are really going to sell me to you. You know those ones liners that instantly get you hooked. Im not one of those. I sense more of a paragraph. Lets list every restaurant and fast food chain I like to visit on the weekly, but we won’t stop at that. Add every single food type that I am obsessed with. Avocado lets add that twice because everyone loves that. And coffee, lets not forget the coffee because that one cup I have a day makes me a total addict. Oh and I love movies, lets name every actor I can think of. But what if he is more into books lets pop those down too. Maybe he is into dog walks in the cold, or sipping cocktails. But really I’m not into that. Lets just pop it in, you never know I may be able to tone his drinking habits down.

All thats left, is to sit and wait. Mr right will come along.

What would your online dating profile look like if you hadn’t been in the relationship that you are in now, or how would you change yours if you have one set up currently? Or would it be more like the one in the video below, Hp know how to do it!

CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Abi

    I love this idea and what you think your profile would be – especially from someone that hasn’t used an online dating account before!!

    Abi | abistreetx

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