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Getting To Sleep

Ive always had trouble sleeping.

To be honest, not even just the part when you sleep, the getting to sleep, staying to sleep and managing to get a full nights sleep would have been an absolute dream a dew years back. When I was a child I was constantly shouting of my mam to come sleep in my bed with me because I would get >so< frustrated with not being able to get to sleep.

If anyone has ever felt that way you get me.

If only Lush has been around in those days, I would 100% have been slathered up in this dreamy Lush Sleepy cream. We tried everything, night time milk, lavender on my pillow, baby bubble bath. Hot milk, you name it I’ve probably tried it.

Obviously I am nowhere near as bad as I was as a child but there can still be some nights when my brain will simply not shut off (we will all have these nights). But my sleepy body cream has really helped me to relax and fall asleep quicker. I think part of getting to sleep and having a good night sleep is allowing your body to fully relax when you get into bed. I try to stick to a routine with my sleep, which then allows my body to associate certain things with sleep. This has definitely worked a treat. Not only does the application allow my body to associate to sleep but the smell really allows my body to relax and unwind.

If I put this on after getting out the bath and into my pjs, go downstairs to watch some more Tv with Alex, there’s a 95% chance Ive fallen asleep on the sofa before the program has finished. I really do think this has helped. Pop into your local Lush, and give this pot a big sniff, if you haven’t already. The smell alone drew me in, but the moisturiser is actually amazing too. Its super thick but doesn’t sit on the top of your skin like others I have tried in the past. This ACTUALLY sinks in, and I have noticed my skin is looking a lot healthier and plumper lately. Oh, or maybe that’s just all the sweets and nice autumnal food I’ve been eating.

If you have been using Lush Sleepy, let me know your thoughts! Has it worked with you as much as it has with me?

CharlotteSamantha. OX




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