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Make Up Bag City Break Edit

When it comes to a weekend city break with my love, I like to keep my make0up bag pretty small. There’s nothing worse than exploring a new city with a face full of make-up. Not for me anyway. It ends up melting down my face and I look like a ghost before we finally get back to the hotel. When your just going on a weekend city break there is no need for a huge make-up bag, unless thats what your into. A few transitional palettes that helming you go from day to night work a treat for me. I challenged myself to picking 5 items to go into my make-up for this edit, lets see if I have stuck to it.

First things first. No.

I didn’t manage to stick to 5 put I did manage to get it to 6. Which I think we can let me off with. Thats not too bad right?

Obviously the first item that was popped into the make-up bag was my foundation. Although this isn’t my favourite foundation for this time of year, at the moment its the only one I’ve got. Your girls got to budget. I would probably more got for something like Nars Sheer Glow, Rimmel Match Perfection or Loreal Infallible. I like something a little more natural and matte for this time of the year. If you have any suggestions as to which one I should buy next please leave me suggestions below. To keep the amount of items I popped into the bag down I went for a palette that I could get most of my powdered products out of. This Collection #FaceTheDay palette it perfect for this. You’ve got a bronzer, highlighter, blush and eyeshadows. The eyeshadows have a good shade range to allow you to create a more chilled day look but also to make your eyes a little more glam with some more of the darker shades. This really helped to keep the items down when I was looking through my make-up. Obviously the more products in the palette the less single items your going to take which definitely helps on the over night bag space.

For the eyes I kept it pretty simple, I had to add my Benefit Ka Brow. Its the only eyebrow product I have at the moment that I actually feel like stays put all day long. I have a few powders but to be honest they just don’t make the cut and should probably be passed on to somebody else who does like to use a powder. I always keep my mini mascaras, or any minis for that matter, when I get them in magazines or if they have been added to an online order (whoops). That way when I am off on a little break they are so much easier to pack. It also allows you to try new products without buying the full size, which I personally love because there is nothing worse then paying money for something that you don’t even like. This Lancome mascara Monsieur Big, has actually slowly become one of my favrouites. The wand is HUGE, which for me is a good thing. It adds so much length and volume to the lashes. I need the full size for sure. The other item I packed for my eyes is my liquid eye liner, I can’t go anywhere without this. This seems to be holding up pretty well for me at the moment, but I am definitely up for suggestions if you know of any liquid eyeliners that are a) easy to apply and b) last all day.

The last item I popped into the make-up bag is for the lips. I went for Charlotte Tilbury Secret Selma lipstick, I find this super easy to wear both day and night, but if I completely honest with you. I would probably have other lip options in the bottom of my bag from other days I have been out. Does anyone else find that they keep their lipstick collection in the bottom of their handbag?


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