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A New Foundation

Foundation is probably my one favourite make-up product. 

Now I know that’s a bold statement to make. 

But I think. 

I think. 

Ok I know, its true. Foundation is the favourite makeup product in my makeup draw. And I think I may have just added one of my favourite foundations to my collection. 

EX1 recently sent over their Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, before I delve into how I got on with the foundation I thought it was a good time to say that this foundation comes in 16 shades. You read that right, 16! Now, your girl likes to have a couple of different shades of foundation because sometimes we can be looking pale af, and other times the tan seems to have come out of nowhere.

Now onto the nitty gritty. The Coverage

The coverage of the foundation is perfect. It covers all my blemishes without look caked and gross, which is a huge tick from me. I would say its a medium coverage which can defiantly be built to a more heavy coverage. I do find with some foundations when they are a medium coverage they can feel super heavy on the skin but this feels like an actual dream. Its super lightweight and to be honest when I wear this foundation I feel like you can’t really tell that I’ve got it on. Which gives it another big fat tick. The  foundation lasts pretty well on my skin, although I do find after a tough day at work my oily skin seems to get the better of it. But if we are talking about foundations as a whole that seems to happen. The finish is super glowy but not too glowy to the point your like wow girl you need to powder.

I think we can probably agree that I am loving this foundation, and I am a hard critic on foundation. You can get this foundation in Superdrug and I can bet you bottom dollar that they are going to have a shade that works for you. 



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