June Wishes.

This is just getting far too crazy.

I’m about to start this post as I start all ‘Wish’ posts. Its June. But it’s only just gone 2017 and we are already half way through the year. I just don’t understand how it is going so fast. Somebody save me!

I don’t know about you, or how old you are, but do you feel like the older you get the quicker the days/years go. I remember being little and having a week off school. It seemed to go on forever. I mean forever. But now I have a week off work and its like BAM your going back to work.

Do you get me?

As for last months wishes…

I may have to refresh myself as to what I actually set as last month wishes. Ok I havent even tried to stick them and if I have then guess whos amazing. I’m joking. But seriously, maybe I am.

I’m now back. For you I didnt go anywhere. well I wasnt anywhere to begin with. But in that gap between the last paragraph and this one I actually read through my May Wishes post. So I stuck to non. I wanted to

a) take more time out for myself – didnt do
b) Organise – didnt do
c) Read – didnt do

All in all pretty shitty month. Yup.

But lets get back to it.

Junes going to look a little like this:


a) Read – So I read one book last month and absolutely loved it. This helps me to take time out for myself so I’m kinda killing two birds one stone from last months wishes. If you have any book recommendations please let me know.

b) Engage more on Instagram – I have said this a few times on twitter. I really want to leave more comments and like more photos and find some more amazing instagram account. Leave your handle below so I can come and follow you.

c) Health – Bit of a vague one. But we have just booked up to go camping in France in the summer which means I’m going to be wearing a bikini. I know I’m not going to make a huge difference to my body and to be honest im learning to love the skin I’m in but it would be nice to feel like I have tried. Rather than stuffing my face with take-away. Although as soon as we get in the car to start the long drive, it is officially holiday mode and i’ll be stuffing my face.


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