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I had four new beauty products I wanted to share with you. I am yet to fully write up a huge review post but I thought why not take the time to just introduce my new beauty friends to you. Then when the lighting is right, the photos are stunning and the words are actually flowing I can write  a full review of the products and how I got on with them.

sound alright?

Well even if it don’t sound alright that’s what is going to happen. ok.

Majority of these items I was lucky enough to have been sent. Majority meaning all but one, that was kind of an impulse buy. Lets quickly pass by that one because I’m not going to be doing a full review post.

I  was walking past the Essie stand in Superdrug and just fell in love. I did a double take and just couldn’t look back. I had to have the shade Bare With Me. This is the most perfect brown tone nude I have ever and I mean EVER. I have worn this shade for the past week and I think everyone has asked me where I got it from. I was even stopped in the super market. That’s when you bloody know youve made an ace choice in an nail varnish.

If you are as obsessed with liquid lipsticks as I am then your going to want to read on.

Chloe Ferry has brought her own range of matte lipstick range, I obviously opted for the nude shade. Cause your girl is a nude girl through and through. Let me tell you a few things about me, 1) I hate drying lipsticks 2) I hate lipsticks that come off after eating. They are my little pet peeve in the make-up world. shocking I know.

Let me tell you though this lipstick has got me sorted. Not only does it stay on literally all day but it also doesn’t budge when you’ve eaten. The trick being to apply a thin layer. And not to forget how beaut this shade is. Envy is the most beautiful dark brown nude.

Sticking with the same area of the face.

Why am I so strange. when my fingers hit the keys I just kinda let them go where they want and I end up saying stupid things like this.

But seriously. Like most girls and humans of the world. We want white teeth. I mean I’m sure there is the odd person who are loving their yellow teeth. But lets just let them. You do you hunni.

To try and stay on the white spectrum I have been trying out the Carbon Smiles charcoal teeth whitener. I have only been using it about half a week so I have nothing to report back on as of yet but I will be posting a full review. So keeps those nashes at the waiting. I hate myself.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is another item I am yet to try out. False Lashes have announced the arrival of koko lashes. You know I’m not a huge false lash lover but if they are amazing quality don’t look over the top. Then I’m all about it. Koko lashes tick all the boxes for me and there will also be a post about these coming soon. Keep those eyes peeled. you see what I did there. Cause there for your eyes, yeah Ill just leave it there and keep everything crossed that you’ll make it back for the review.

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  • Tiffany

    Love the look of that essie nail polish! Such a pretty colour. Can’t beat Essie as they last so well and have so mang gorgeous shades to choose from x

    Tiffany x

    • Charlotte Samantha

      I know!! They last so well on the nails and the colour range is amazing!! ox

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