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3 Drugstore Face Masks

I admit it.

I’m a face mask whore. If I’m not posting pretty pics to my insta stories, youll see me in my face mask glory. I wake up every morning thinking about face mask or treatment I’ll use when I get in from work. Its my little guilty pleasure. You’d have thought my skin would be look extra, the amount of face masks I use but.

I still pick.
I don’t moisturiser everyday.
And I’ve been using face wipes.
I admit it. I’m the worst. But sometimes I just can’t be bothered with the whole double cleanse. And if I am super honest. That cleansing shit is expensive. I can get three pack of make-up wipes for £2 or one bottle of cleanser for £12. You do the maths. I can have like 6 extra coffees when I buy the make-up wipes.

Yo girl gotta do whats right. And sometimes those extra coffees are just what I need.

Lets start with my fav of all three, I think that’s a pretty good place to start. Anyone else want to break out into a Sound of Music song?

Loreal Pure Clay Purity Mask. The green one for anyone who only knows the colours of these masks. This is a super cleansing mask, would you believe me if I said I can literally feel it pulling all the nasty’s out of my skin. Well I can. Ok. If you don’t believe me go buy it yourself and try it. Then come back to me and let me know if your with me or not. I do find it stings a little when I have this on, but I kinda like it. In a non kinky way. My goodness, lets hope non of my family are reading this. It just kinda came to my mind and my fingers typed it.

On a serious level, the tingle makes me feel like it is really working. You get me?

The next is a Superdrug own brand, which tbh I thought I would never like. But it is surprisingly good! In saying that, half of my skincare is now Superdrug so lets not judge. I’m not about that life. It’ll probably come as no surprise that the mask I have is a detoxifying mask with dead sea minerals. I just love the charcoal look. If you don’t like when a mask tingles, as above, you will not like this one. I’m talking read face after I’ve removed it. I know some people hate this but it doesn’t bother me too much. And at only £2.99 I can handle the 5 minutes of red face.


I know. All three are mud masks. But in my defense. I dont have one. Oh well.

The last mask is the Biore Self Heating One Minute mask. So if you don’t like the tingle sensation maybe the heating face mask is for you? This is probably my least favourite face mask I have from the drugstore. But it was the only one I had left that was from the drugstore and I’m just kinda using them up. This one feels good when its on, but tbh I kinda think my skin feels the same once Ive taken it off. Maybe that’s because its only on for one minute. Who keeps their mask on for one minute?!

I’m gunna need to know all your drugstore favourite face mask, I’m all about the highend ones. But need to up my game with these ones, am I right?

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  • Olivia

    Love a good mud mask – especially the tingly ones haha! I have a mini version of the origins one and love taking a good selfie when ive got it on!

  • Lauren

    My mom loves the Loreal mask you wrote about! As for me, I prefer CVS’s Beauty 360 Detoxifying Purifying Facial Mask. It uses charcoal to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores.

  • Katherine

    I love face masks, but have never tried that L’oreal one. I love their products, so definitely want to try that out!

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