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I Want To Be Honest

I want to be honest.

Do you ever feel like sometimes somethings just get too much?

You find yourself stuck for words, you walk away from something and you just find yourself bored of what ever that thing is.

Thats how I have often been feeling about my blog.

CharlotteSamantha started when things were a little rocky in my life, I had 0 friends. Granted I had a boyfriend who thought the absolute world to me but sometime you need a gal friend to share all those little secrets with. Talk periods, boys and all the beauty that has come into your life. When your a teen your body goes through some crazy shit. And sometimes a boy is just not the person you need to talk about that with.

But my blog kept me going. It gave me a reason and to be totally honest with you, I read some amazing blogs back then which gave me all the girly chats I needed and it felt like I was talking to genuine friends.

I then got that little bit older and writing on here didn’t feel the same.

I felt like I needed to be someone I wasn’t. I’ve tried countless times to feel like I’m the same as the next gal but thats just not me.

I don’t like Avocado, I don’t have girly nights in, I don’t have that crazy night out, and my website knowledge is pants. Im not super skinny, I don’t have the most perfect skin.

But you know what, Im me.

Having that mind set made me chop and change who I wanted to be. I was constantly searching for the actual me. And keeping up with that shit is hard. You remember those constant ‘breaks’ the post about where I have been and whats been going in my life. What I didn’t share is that I was actually trying to get my head together. I couldn’t keep up with the fake life of being this girl I just wasn’t. Its not only exhausting but so mentally draining. You never feel good enough.

Now its the real me. No avocado on my toast but give me all the poached eggs. My photos may not look like the girl below me on bloglovin and I may not tweet as much as others do but thats why my gals are mine and thats why they come back.

Expect lots more of real life, lots more of me and who I am. The struggles I face and best parts of my life. Im so excited for this little chapter. I just want to show those gals and boys who are going through a similar thing that I did thats its ok. We aren’t all the same.

Who’s with me!

Love to you all, CharlotteSamantha.



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