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Five Beauty Products Id Take If I Was Stuck On A Desert Island


I was sat looking through my beauty stash the other day and thought to myself if someone was going to take everything away and you were only allowed to keep five things which five things would you snatch and run away with. Which then turned into me snapping the photos and getting my fingers tapping to get the post up.

I feel like this could be something that keeps appearing on CharlotteSamantha, I think its one of those things that would constantly change. Probably depending on the season.

Although some things I think would never change.

Your girl needs her mascara!

With that being said, yes the first thing I thought I would grab is the mascara I’m using at the moment which is the Tom Ford Fullscreen Lash Mascara. Honestly, I look like a totally different person without my mascara on and I really struggle to leave the house without it on. Its got to be a real push to make me leave without or nobody is going to see me, or of course the place Im going to its acceptable to wear sunglasses at all time.

Pretty close to that is my foundation. I bloody love being able to cover the things that I really dislike about myself. My skin is something that Im constantly battling with and something that I would say I feel pretty self conscious about. Being able to cover it all with foundation defiantly means I would be tucking this into my pocket and running. Im not too fussed on which one it is as long as I’m getting some coverage.

At the moment my skin is suuuper dry. With a few areas that a little on the oily side. The next two products are for this because like I said I am always trying to improve my skin. My Kiehls Midnight Recovery Serum is something I feel like I can never be without. Although it does seem to be coming to the end which makes me a little nervous. This stuff helps to heal any scaring I have from any previous blemishes and also helps to keep some others at bay.

The other product is a face mask, you gals know how much I love my face masks. This one is a little different from ones I would normally mention but I have realised the using all the harsh products on my face isn’t going to remove any of those pesky spots. The Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask is such a soothing face mask which helps my skin so much. When my blemishes dry out I like to use this to add more moisture into the area to try and combat the scarring and dry skin which surrounds it.

The last item is another skincare product, my lips have recently become dry and flakey. Since Christmas I have been using the Lush Lip Scrub a couple of times a week during my nighttime skincare routine which has helped to keep them looking a little more hydrated and just more like lips rather than dry flakey skin. TMI I know but we gotta keep things real around here. Not only do the Lush Lip Scrubs taste amazing they also work like an absolute treat. Don’t believe me get yourself down to Lush and have a smell of one yourself, the smell is literally what they taste like!

What five beauty products would you take with you if you were took to a desert island?




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