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Charlotte Tilbury Collection

When it comes to beauty I have no shame in admitting I am some what obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury. Its an obsession that has only recently started but non the less I am in for it in the long run. When I have a little spare money to spend on myself I find myself navigating towards the CT products.

Not only are her products absolutely amazing but the packaging is perfect. Which kind of makes you feel like your getting more for your money. Or is that just me?

Although my collection is nowhere as near as some, it holds a few products that are absolutely stunning. I currently have so much sat in my wish list that I think ill just go to their website shut my eyes and click on anything.

Lets talk about my first and last. The last product I bought from Charlotte Tilbury I think, and this is a bold statement to make, is my favourite one. Your probably sick of hearing me bang on about the Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling. Of course it has my name in there but thats not the only reason I love this product so much. The applicator fits to your lips like nothing I’ve ever used before and the colour is stunning. The product lasts hours on the lips and for a liquid lipstick isn’t actually drying on the lips. The first product I ever bought was the Eye Shadow palette in The Vintage Vamp, the CT quads are on another level. Four shades which compliment each other amazingly, although this palette is a little on the pricey side I think they are perfect for a beginner you really can’t go wrong.

Sticking on the topic of eyes the other Eye Shadow palette I have is in the shade The Legendary Muse which was a limited edition palette which I was given as a 21st Birthday present. The packaging on this is beautiful, the original dark burgundy colour with the gold stars over the lid of the palette.

Moving on to lips I have two lipsticks, the first was brought out to compliment The Legendary Muse palette which is Secret Selma, this is a deep rose, plum colour which honestly looks amazing on all skin tones. The other is the ever so famous Glastonberry which you obviously can’t go without in the autumn. Both lipsticks lasts a good few hours on the lips and when used with a lip liner there is next to no bleeding.

The next product is one that I have actually had twice now, and no thats not because I used so much of it, I wish it was for that reason. I actually dropped this and it literally smashed everywhere. There was tears shed and then I brought myself around and obviously repurchased. It is the Cheek to Chic in Love is The Drug. This stunning blusher is amazing for the summer months. The last product is the Magic Foundation, I was after this for months and was just worried about what shade I would need and after hearing a mixture of reviews just didn’t know if this was for me. But non the less I stood by my gut and picked one up, I have a little bit of a love hate relationship with this foundation. Some days I love it and others I hate it, Ive learned the best way for it to be applied to my skin is with a sponge but if my skin is dry its a no go.


A few things on my wish list include:

Collagen Lip Bath 

Highlighter Wand

Pillowtalk Lipstick 



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