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Finding Your Perfect Sleep Routine With Utmost Me

Bed, I Love You 

Sleep. The one word that we throw around likes its nothing. When if we are really truthful it is our everything. If you are telling yourself its not who are you kidding. And this post is certainly for you. 

Ive actually battled with sleep for years. When I was a little dot I was super scared of sleep. Which looking back now I think why. But who knows. I suffered from night terrors and constantly thought there was something hiding under my bed. 

Sidenote. I actually thought there was somebody under my bed a couple of weeks ago. There was a vibration like a phone when we were going to sleep and it wasn’t our phones. There goes my brain racing ahead of itself and I was definite there was somebody lying under our bed with there phone on. A quick turn on of the light and asking Alex to check definitely confirmed that there was nobody under the bed. But some things just can’t change. 23 and still thinking there is someone under the bed. At least I acatually went to sleep this time though. 

Back to the post. A few years on. I say a few I mean a good few and I finally find it super easy to fall asleep and sleep so well I feel refreshed when I wake up. I put this down to having a good sleep routine. You might laugh and think what the fuck am I talking about but honestly. Your gal got herself a routine and she sleeps like a fucking queen. So dont be jel. Keep reading and create your sleep routine. 

Ok lets start right bang in the middle of the evening. Dinner has been inhaled. The washing up is done. After Ive had my shower, Im a night time shower person. No way could I go to sleep with a days dirt hanging on my body. Im just not about that. I need to be clean. Once my bod no longer has the days dirt hanging off it I use my Lush Sleepy. Now this one may be a little controversial. I know some people who put this on right before they go to sleep. But. And thats a big but, not personally your gal lacks in that department. I smoother myself in sleepy after I am out the shower and put on my pjs. Important to me is that these must be clean. Not fresh, but no lasts night cup of tea and biscuit down the front. The sleepy scent then allows me to fully relax when Im catching up on the latest Suits. 

I then have a couple of hours to myself, watching the tv, writing blog posts or just sitting scrolling. You know how Instagram can get. You are having a quick check and BAM three hours have passed. There is a rule here. No caffeine after 7pm. My brain does not cope well with caffeine after this time. It suddenly kicks into gear and its never going to sleep. Im all for the hot chocolate. But say no to the caffeine. If your feeling tired get your ass up to bed early. Dont fight it. Just let the sleep hit you naturally. 

Once it gets around 10:30 I grab myself a glass of water. I do not go to bed without a glass of water because if you wake up during the night with no water you’ve got to go meet the monsters downstairs in the middle of the night to get your water. I get myself tucked up into bed with my bedside light on and have a read.

At this point I also take a Neuro Rest Natural Sleep Aid by Utmost Me. This uses natural sources of melatonin which regulates sleep cycles and tells out bodies that it is time for sleep. This little tablet will also help you feel less fatigued and I have actually found when I have been waking up in the morning I have felt fully awake and ready for the day. Once Ive taken this Ive got about 30 minutes before I know Ill want to put my book down and fall off to sleep naturally. No fighting with an over active brain or anxiety ridden thoughts. Its natural which makes the sleep so much more enjoyable. 

Then its time to let my little brain dream away. Waking up bright and ready for my day. 



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