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Cohorted #October

Lets have a moment for all the makeup we added to the cart but never bought.

When a beauty lover made the best of friends with a damn good present buyer, a beauty subscription box was bound to happen. And boy did it. Every month between the 5th and the 10th a black box arrives at my door. When I say it arrives at my door you bet Im meeting all the neighbours in our street because your gal is at work every time it gets delivered. Buy hey nice neighbours, you keep doing your thing.

Lets get the boring negative out the way and move onto the better notes. My first box arrived last month and I was a pretty disappointed girl. Id done my research and saw that in the September box there was a Nars eyeshadow. Now you beauty bffs out there will know Nars is perfect. I was so flipping excited to be getting a Nars eyeshadow, because I always think with beauty boxes you don’t always get the best brands at full sizes, but Cohorted answered all our prayers. 

And then broke out hearts. Not all the cohort subscription gals hearts but a fair few I believe. Let me set the scene. Two days after a car accident. Im feeling pretty shitty anyway. I get home from being at my parents house ( they made me feel super looked after) and open the box with so much excitement. The tissue paper has been ripped and im pulling everything out. No Nars in sight. I pull out the shredded paper. No Nars. Can you even imagine. I looked through the book, you get a Nars eyeshadow in the box. nope. Not to be seen. There was a palette from a different brand that wasn’t in the book. I thought it must have been a mistake. A quick ping of an email and a few days wait an email finally comes through. “Oh we are sorry we ran out of the Nars eyeshadows so replaced with the palette, if you are unhappy with the box you can return for a refund”. Excuse you. How can you run out of an eyeshadow. Surely you know how many people are signed up for the box order the right amount? I wanted to keep the box because it was a gift and I kinda like the surprise that you get. Although my heart was broken and I don’t have my very own Nars eyeshadow sat in my draw I decided to give it another month.

Lets hit you with a bang. This month was amazing. I love pretty much all the products in this box and one in particular has me excited for next months box. 

I know your sitting thinking come on then did they give you a Nars eyeshadow. No they didnt. And no I didnt get anything extra. I got just the same as everyone else got this month or so I think. But this skincare product  had me so bloody excited. 

A full sized Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum which is £70 a bottle. Ive been lusting over the the Sunday Riley products for the longest time and honestly this shit does not disappoint and to include a full size of this honestly it made my day. 

If that hadn’t already wowed me, there was a product from one of my fav route brands. Benefit. Again another full sized product which is the High Brow Glow Pencil, this retails at £18.50. Essentially a brow bone highlighter which is super creamy and stunning. This was a real throw back to me, I remember buying this when I just started to really get my head around makeup and used it every single day. I still have the old pencil and love how much the packaging shows how much Benefit has grown. 

If you know me you know I am a lipstick fanatic. I love a good nude, brown toned, pink toned you name it. I hadnt actually tried an Illamasqua lipstick until this box arrived. Now I am obsessed this is the most beautiful autumn toned nude, with a slightly dark brown under, I can honestly see me wearing this non stop this Autumn. Hats off to you Cohorted as this is another full size product retailing at £20. 

Lets move onto the fourth product, and guess what they’ve only gone and done it again. Another bloody full size product. Well don’t Cohorted. The Figs and Rouge Hydra Matte Pore Correct Velvet Cream retails at £35 and is such a beaut product. Not only that but the packaging is stunning and looks gorgeous on my dressing table. 

The last product is the only sample size product which is a perfume by Oscar De La Renta. I actually like getting perfume samples. I always have some floating around in my bag and thinks it a great way to know if you are really ready to spend that money on the perfume. 

Cohorted you have redeemed yourself and live to see another month in the CharlotteSamantha household. For £35 a month you really are getting your money worth when this full box would have cost you £143.50. I know! If you like to have a nice surprise turn up on your door step (or in my case at your neighbours house) sign up now! 



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