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April Wishes

I’m actually in shock that we are already on to the second of April, it feels like just yesterday we started 2017. Im going to be real with you all, I am still struggling to remember its 2017 when I write the date at work, and we are in April already! I thought I would change things up a little and instead of doing a monthly favourites every month, I would talk about the goals and achievements I want to achieve in the month coming. Saving for a house has meant that my favourites have pretty much stayed the same because I’m not buying new products to test out. So I thought this was something a little different for us to try. Let me know your aims for April in the comments.

  1.  Get back into my fitness journey. This one is something I feel super strongly about. February was my month of getting super into fitness, not only working out but also eating foods that my body needed. Listening to my cravings and focusing on challenging those needs rather than fueling my body with the wrong food. I suppose I was eating intuitively. If I fancied something sweet I tried to make something that my body would allow me to eat. One thing that I started to make was my own peanutbutter cups. I used dark chocolate as the base and top and if I thought it needed to be a little sweeter I would add a little stevia into it. Anyway back to what my goal is for April. I want to get into the gym more and get back into eating what my body needs rather than what my head is telling me I need to eat when I’m sat o the sofa watching the 11th episode of Blind Spot.
  2. Blog more. This one should be pretty simple considering I think only posted about two blog post last month. For some reason I have found it hard to get my mojo back with blogging. Its not something I would say I have ever struggled with before but for some reason I have been finding it really hard to come up with the post and starting to write them has been even harder. I would be happy if in April I post at least 2 blog posts a week. Finger crossed for me guys.
  3. Savings. As you probably know by now I am saving up for a house. I don’t want to discuss the figures that I want to save but more just think about things when I go to buy them. Although I haven’t been buying a lot of things, I simply cant as there isn’t enough money in the bank to allow me to do that. But I feel as though I have been buying things that I probably wouldn’t had I not put a cap on myself for spending. I go for cheap things that are in the sale, but not necessarily things that I actually want or need.


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