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Smooth Skin with Dorco Eve 6 *

Spring is finally here and summer is hopefully on its way. Which means one thing for us girls. Well certainly for me. You’ve gotta start shaving those legs again. I mean only if you think there may be a possibility your gunna be flashing your legs. If your anything like me then during the darker months your legs are the last thing to get any attention so they stay hairy. Ive only just realised how much I hate the word hairy, how gross. Anyway. When Dorco Razors got in touch to see if I wanted to try out their Dorco Eve razor I said yes, well because it was getting to the point where I really needed to remove the nasty hairs that where growing¬† away on my legs.

One of the first that really jumped out to me about Dorco is that they offer a subscription service. I don’t know about you, but I am the worst at remembering to buy razors. You pay ¬£5.45 every month and you get the handle and four razor heads, that’s one a week. I’m not going to lie, a razor usually lasts me longer than a week but really for hygiene reasons you should probably change the heads weekly. Never mind. The Dorco eve 6 has 3 double blades which are bendable. It also has a nourishing band of aloe, vitamin E and lavender which helps to soothe and protect your skin. I have to say I have really noticed a difference using these razors compared to those that I would usually use. I feel as though I have had longer between when I need to shave my legs and they feel so much smoother compared to usual. The razors also have a innovative brush finger, which is almost like those little brush eggs you get to clean your make-up brushes. This helps to remove any harsh areas of skin and also just helps to make it a smooth shave.


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