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Skinny Tan, Summer Glow*

When I was invited to the Skinny Tan event down in London I was gutted I wasn’t able to attend. Living up in the north east means I miss out on a lot of events that would be an absolute dream to go to. Not only meeting so many new faces but also discovering new beauty products and other bits that could impact my life. What really makes me appreciate certain pr companies is when they are able to send over some samples even when I cant attend the event. That’s exactly what Skinny Tan did.


Skinny Tan was created by two ladies from Essex, who had had enough of the horrible self tanners available at the time that had such a bad reputation. They wanted to create something that was indistinguishable from the real thing. They created a self tan that combines a natural tanning active with natural skin smoothing active to tan, contour and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Not only that but this self tan also smells like coconuts and claims to last up to 7 days which is honestly amazing for a self tanner newbie like me. I was very kindly sent the Exfoliating Prep Mitt, Pre Tan Primer, Self Tanning Mousse and the Gradual tan Mousse.


The first thing that really stood out for me was the crisp white packaging with the gorgeous pastel colours. I am a packaging dweeb, I love everything and anything about packaging. and this definitely ticked all the boxes for me. The next thing I did was gave them all a good sniff. The claim was so true. It smells amazingly like coconuts it was incredible. All products have the same scent which I think is perfect because if I’m going to be using the Pre Tan Primer I don’t want to smell differently for when I put the tan on.

The Pre Tan Primer was of course the first thing I used with the Exfoliating prep mitt, I actually really loved these two products. I was a little worried the mitt was going to be too harsh on the skin but honestly it worked really well. It removed any dry skin that the tan would have stuck too and the Pre Tan Primer helped to remove any stubborn areas, plus moisturising my skin at the same time which is perfect for someone who hates all the hassle attached to self tanning. We are off to a good start!

I decided to go for the Tanning Mousse, I wanted something quick and easy rather than a gradual tanner. I wanted the tan now. I used a tanning mitt I already had an applied the tanning mousse. I quickly learnt that a little went a long way and I really didn’t need to apply as much as I was. I think because I applied so much it started to be unblendable. Never the less I perceived and on we went. I was finally finished and couldn’t believe how quickly it dried. There is nothing worse than being stuck in your room, totally naked, in the cold whilst you wait for your tan to dry. I actually hate that sticky feeling you get. This one didn’t seem to have any of that which I was actually super happy about. And I smelt like a dream. Coconut.

Of course, me being me I put my nice fresh white sheets on the bed the day I put my tan but hey. It came out of the sheets once I washed them so at least I know for future it doesn’t matter too much if the tan goes onto the sheets. One thing I will say is, I woke up the next day thinking shit. I cant leave the house looking like this. I was sooo orange. But I jumped in the shower and the excess came off and I was left with a gorgeous tan rather than the orange look I was supporting before. I did notice that it hadn’t held very well on my chest. There seemed to be a big patch. I topped this area up and it then looked okay. I would say the coconut scent does go the next day but the fake tan smell isn’t as bad as some of the others I have smelt. It lasted until the following friday when I could really see it starting to come off in the normal areas like the inner of your arm and the back if your knees. But I will say this is the longest my self tan has ever lasted. WHOOP!

I am yet to try the gradual tan but will be sure to report back as soon as I have tried it, but let me assure you I’ll be getting my tan on again this week.


CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Alice

    I love the Skinny Tan packaging, it’s so cute! I am a complete failure in terms of false tan but this sounds pretty easy and foolproof!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  • beth

    I do love skinny tan, not my fave but I do buy it when its on offer. I’ll have to try their primer though that sounds lovely! 🙂

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