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10 Tips To Help You Get Organised – Blog Edit

Organisation is my life. I just love it. When I get my house I plan on having a study filled with matching files, all labeled correctly. Filed in order, depending on the file of course. I love organising so much, that I have actually took it in my hands to organise Alexs life too. I have a folder with all his documents in. As sad as it sounds I just love it. I feel so about myself when I have taken some time out to organise things and that feeling once its all done is incredible.  If you know the feeling, please let me know so I don’t feel alone. 

1.  To Do List. These are vital for me, I get to tick off overtime I complete something. Is that not just completely satisfying?

2. Plan. This is another thing that I have to do. Working full time means I don’t have all the hours in the day to come up with content and shoot content. Plan in advance, I go for a month.

3. Have a back up. If you can’t find the words to type up a certain blog post have another that you will find super easy. Sometimes your brain just doesn’t like what you’ve got to say.

4. Have a constant list of ideas. I have a section on my phone and note book where I write down all kinds of ideas.

5. Create a theme. So every week, you dedicate a certain day to a certain type of post, that way you know exactly what your doing.

6. If you find it really hard to take photos (this one is so me) take your photos in a huge batch. That one day you have amazing lighting, just take the all. You’ll thank me later.

7. I use an online calendar to plan my month in advance, I then colour code depending on what stag I’m at with this post. This has helped soso much!

8. Keep on top of your emails. I literally read an email the day it comes in or take my morning coffee to my desk and go through the day before. This way you know where your at.

9. Don’t put pressure on yourself, just go with the flow. Dont feel like you have to do anything.

10. Motivation. Keep your motivation up high. You got this. You can do this. And you will. Never give up.


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