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I felt it was about time we talked about Summer perfume because soon it gets to that awkward time of year where your not really sure what you should be wearing. The summer autumn transition is a funny one. Its no yet cold enough for all the jumpers but its certainly not hot enough to be wearing my pretty wrap dress with leg bare. but for some reason I still bloody love the autumn. Im rambling and really I was wanting to talk about some of the Summer perfume that I have been lusting over this summer. 

There is one perfume on my lust list that I have wanted forever. But its price tag just keeps me away. Its the Clive Christian Jasmine Perfume. If you have never heard of it before, all you really have to do is look at the bottle to see how fancy it looks. And with a price tag of £350, lets hope I win the lottery one day and my dreams come true. This perfume has top notes of a rhubarb and peach mix, with bold strains of mandarin and bergamot. The heart note of the perfume is Jasmine which is where you can really smell the majority of the scent bursting through, whilst the base note is vanilla, a personal fav of mine. You can really smell how beautiful this perfume is, and I think it would be one that would be kept for special occasions. The black bottle with gold details would look amazing on your shelf, can you just imagine! Maybe we can all marry a rich man who buys us this? Or one of us could marry a rich man and just gift everyone with this beauty, who’s with me?

Another that I absolutely love but am yet to actually purchase is the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Lumiere, I know some people think this is more of an Autumn scent but for me this is one I would wear all year round. I will be adding this to my Christmas list, with all fingers crossed this year. This is described to be an oriental fragrance with cool freshness, dramatic petals, honey and rum. Doesn’t that just sound dreamy? Like I want to bathe in it! And the bottle is super pretty!

My last is a perfume which I am keeping until my wedding day. Fingers crossed nobody buys me it until then, although if I was very kindly gifted it I think I would probably use it because this smells incredible. Jo Malone Pomegrante Noir. This stuff is incredible, I got a mini shower gel in this scent in my Christmas box and absolutely loved using it. This has a top note of pomegranate, heart note of casablanca lily and a base note of Guaiacwood, which all make such a beautiful floral yet smokey scent. I can’t describe this in any other way!


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