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Make-Up Bag – Camping Edit

As you read this I am currently camping it up in France. Yes you read that right. On Tuesday myself and Alex, drove down to Dover and got the ferry over to Calais. Then drove just south of Paris and we are camping. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the sun is out nice and bright and I come back with even a little brown. We can all dream can’t we? Anyway. What better time to share with you what will be in my make-up bag whilst camping. I have had to keep this down to a minimum to say the least. But that’s all part of the adventure. 

If I’m completely honest with you, for the most part I’ll be keeping my face bare. I wanna catch the rays, although I have bought some sun cream for my face, so don’t worry I will be protected. But for those days, or night when I feel like sprucing it up a little these are the products I have packed up. For foundation I have stuck to my trusty, super dewy Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. At the moment this is the only one I have. I know shock. But saving means Ive got to cut down, even if that means on my favourite products. I just find this super dewy and I think it will be perfect for what Ill be wanting when Im over there. It’ll come as no surprise that I am also taking my , in 1. This it to highlight my under eye and cover any pesky blemishes that may appear.

To keep things compact, we have to pack everything in our car. Ive brought along my Nars Virtual Domination palette, that way Ive got my bronzer, blush and highlighter in one. The things you have to do when your car is so packed up and theres just no room for make-up. To be honest, I love this palette and wouldn’t have taken any other. For the eyes I have my Tart Tartlette palette, this has such a good range of shades if I feel like I need to pop a little bit of colour on. Its good for everyday or for a more dramatic look if we decide to venture out anywhere. Ive also popped in my Loreal Telescopic mascara, this is one of my all times favourites. It adds a huge amount of volume and length which ticks all the boxes for me. For the brows Ive got my trusty Ka-Brow by Benefit. I have died my brows so probably won’t be using this but I don’t want to be stuck in a brow drama and feel like I am desperate for my brow pomade.

Ive only brought two options for lips which may shock you but as Ive said we ain’t got much room. Ive got my Charlotte Tilbury in Secret Selma which is just a true pinky nude and I have also packed my NYX Butter gloss in Creme Brûlée, my favourite gloss. And that is it. Obviously I have my brushes but I have again kept them down to a minimal. Although Ive stalked down the nearest Sephora and will be making a little trip.


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