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Christmas Gift Guide: ETC

I find every year there are a few items that Im just not sure what category to put them in Unless of ouches I do a general gift guide for her/him. I have to say next year I will 100% be doing that. Please remind future me. Todays gift guide is going to be full of those little extras, that don’t really have home but are epic presents. Im going to keep it real with you and I think the majority of this could go into a foodie post, but does that make me greedy, I love the food.

The first thing I HAVE to take  about is the Bear Hug Box. This box can be made to be super personal, you pick what goes in which also allows you to cater to the price your wanting to spend.  You can add things such as choosing a selective of festive treats, to cleanser and other beauty bits to mugs and cute things for your home. They even cater for dairy free, gluten free, a healthier treat for those that may even watch what there eating over the festive period, to boxes for your little cubs. By which I mean the little rascals that run riot this time of year.

If you’ve got a foodie to buy for, I love nothing more than a big gift set. My nana is the biggest fan of jam, I was luckily sent this jam hamper which has so man different jams inside. She will just bloody love it. Or for someone who loves spicy food, there are so many spicy sauce sets available in places such as Tk Maxx and Boots. Or create your own hamper full of the foodie bits your loved one tends to go for.

If they love to bake why not get the some super cute baking utensils, this cute cookie cutter allows you to personalise cookies. I can’t wait to make some cute little cookie to go on gifts this year. Although I think it may take me a little while to add everyones name one at a time into a different cookie, but your girl is going to try!


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