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A Very, Very late Glossier Order

Im late to the party, but so what.

Your not interested then back the hell off. We aint got time for haters.

Enough of my bull shit. What your really here for it the Glossier. Much the same as the other 3848265 blog posts you’ve read about Glossier since the Uk launch. But your girl don’t give a damn, cause this is what I wanna post and Im gonna post it.

Im keeping it real with you all, I had all the products in my bag and I had to really whittle it down to the few products that I really wanted to try. The rest are on my Christmas list, so you know I lovee them already. I knew I wanted to try Make-Up more than the skincare but I couldn’t help but pick up the Milky Jelly Cleaner.

  1. I needed a new cleanser and it seemed like the perfect time to get one
  2. Every girl has been talking the shit about this stuff, so I knew I had to try it.

Let me tell you my friends, Im not even half way through the bottle and I’ve already added it to my Christmas list. This stuff is the bomb. Ive never used a cleanser that has made my face feel soft whilst removing my make-up never mind after. Maybe Ive just never tried an amazing cleanser, or maybe this stuff is the shit. I actually get excited to take my make-up off because I get to use this little guy. And lets not all pretend we aren’t all about the packaging. There is just something so simple yet satisfying about it. Ive already thought about where I would like to put it in the bathroom. (did I mention Im buying a house).

My next had to buy was the Birthday Balm Dot Com, its no surprise cake is my favourite thing, your girl didn’t get her rolls by watching what she was eating. On a more serious note, yes I love cake but I also love the scent of vanilla birthday cake, give my a candle and Ill be on my merry way. So when I read that I could buy a lipbalm that was going to smell like vanilla birthday cake I was in the que. Not literally, but mentally I knew one day it had to be mine. This is the BEST lip balm I have used in a long time. Bold statement to make, I know. In fact this is so true that I have added another few to my Christmas list.

Onto the real shit now, the make-up.

Cloud Paint. Everybody, has been talking about this stuff. To be honest, I’ve not always been a fan of a cream blush. It may just be the lazy gal shouting out in me. But lets be honest, if I can take a brush swirl it and add it to my face compared to a cream product that Im going to have to work hard for, Im going to go with A. Nevertheless, I stuck by my heart and opted for it in the shade Haze. This screamed autumn to me which is honestly the reason why I picked it up in the end. Im still playing with this, I put too little on the first time I used and too much on the second time. Im going for the excuse that it needs a brush to blend it, and right now I don’t have one that I think ¬†would work. But we are sticking by it because A) that packaging is cute and B) so many people rave about this, I must like it.

i want to talk about the last two products together, they dont come together but in my ¬†brain they are a duo. But not really though. Wowder and Stretch Concealer. These are two make-up items that are probably up there with my favs to buy but I always find they are the items that I run out of the quickest. They also make me the most nervous, cause if they don’t work Im not sure how I can make them work. Do not fret, these two beauties are now my proud BFFS. Lets talk concealer, this is perfect for the days where I need a little cover up on my dark areas, more often than not I must add. We are embracing those dark circles may I add, Stretch Concealer and I. Perfect couldn’t fault it. Wowder, to be honest it is what it says in the name WOW-powder. This it the shit. I can put this on in the morning and be almost 100% that by at least lunch time I’m going to be shine free. Strong statement from somebody who use to like to double check there shinny levels on a hourly basis. Ya girl is shook.

Lets just say Glossier, I love you.

From the moment I played eyes on you, to the moment you walked through the door, I knew it was meant to be.

CharlotteSamantha. OX




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