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What’s In My Bag


If I walk past something and love it, ill keep going back to it until its mine. I walked past it and took a double look, the next thing I know I have the bag slung over my shoulder like im some kind of celebrity. Say hello to my gorgeous new Ted Baker bag. I’m in love! This is not a typical ‘Whats in my bag’ as I’m just going to show you what I like to carry around with me, instead of going through all the rubbish and receipts that are kept in there, I like to think im neat and tidy but sometimes my bag gets a little over the top. I got this Ted Baker bag from Fenwick and it was £179 (wahoo, its a lot when I write it down like that). I’m not usually a splurger on things like bags but it was exactly what I was looking for and I just had to buy it.



1. Purse
Something i’m sure we all keep in our bags is our purse. I couldnt go anywhere without this. You can never be too sure when you might see something that you need, well want but I like to put the title of need to make me feel better for buying it. I have a Ted Baker purse, im sensing a theme here, okay im a huge Ted Baker fan dont hurt me! I try to keep my purse pretty organised but sometimes the odd penny slips out and falls into another pocket of my bag, we are all guilty of this i’m sure!


2. Make-up Bag
Shock! Ted Baker again. I dont actually keep make-up in this but keep things like paracetamol, lip balm, hand cream, hair bobbles etc. All things girly that you just never know when you might need! If I didnt have this cute little make-up bag to keep them in then they would be sprawled all over my bag!


3. Diary and Notebook
As I am now a manager in my job I like to keep my diary on me to keep up to date with my rota, any problems that has happened in work etc. I also like to keep all my blogging schedule in there ( keep an eye out for my organisation blog post coming soon!). My notebook comes in handy for all the blog ideas I get when im out and about. I just like to keep myself organised and if I have cute things to write in and with I will actually stick to the plans I make!


4. All The Other Bits…
The other bits and bobs I carry around with me include my bus pass, umbrella and earphones. You can also usually always find a chocolate bar wrapper, multiple receipts (maybe a few have chewy in them! Gross I know).

What kind of things do you keep in your bag? Let me know in the comments below.







  • Amanda

    Your Ted Baker bag is stunning, huge bag envy! I always like to carry my purse and sunglasses for some reason! x

    Amanda / Amanda’s Escape

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