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The Beauty Tools I Can’t Live Without

One thing I don’t seem to mention a lot of on my blog is the beauty tools I use, pretty much on an everyday basis. And to be honest I just think they need a mention. Im talking all the brushes, sponges and any other tools I use all the time. When I get a new set of brushes I hear the choir sing, and the light shines brightly from them, but your girl makes them last. I believe that if you don’t need it then don’t buy it, if I bought all the brushes I really want I would currently be sat on the street with zero money. Your girls gotta use whats she’s got before she buys anything new. But there are a few things that I would splash the cash on, some things are just essential, am I right?

The first thing I do when starting my make-up on a morning is wet my Beauty Blender. When the  craze first started for these, Ill throw my hands up and say I wasn’t sold. £16 for a sponge you have got to be kidding. I remember my mam bought me a Mac sponge for Christmas a few years back and she told me that I had to wet it so it was damp. I told her she was stupid, stop being silly and she obviously didn’t listen to the sales assistant properly. She was obviously talking about cleaning the sponge.

Charlotte, listen to your mam.

As you can probably image using the sponge dry was terrible.

It soaked up every last bit of foundation until I literally had nothing left on my face. There was no blending involved. It was a little bit of a nothing.

That sponge made it to the back on my draw and it stayed there for a very long time.

Until I decided to take myself to Mac. I admitted I was wrong, you’ve got to wet the shit outta that sponge. Sorry mam.

Back to the Beauty Blender, this little beaut is my go to, shinning star and lets call it my baby.

I’m not sure what I would do without it, not only does it apply my foundation flawlessly, it also allows you build your foundation to the coverage you want without looking thick and heavy. Your girls got a lot to cover. It also blends my concealer on blemishes and under my eyes. I have even been known to use them to blend out a cream contour and highlighter. Your girls got the multi-use sponge down to a T. A+, top of the class, you name it this sponge is your answer.

A similar situation to the Beauty Blender is eye lash curlers. I actually my mam having a pair  from a Virgin V party she has been to, who remembers the Virgin V parties! Throwback!

I held no hope for eye lash curlers, they dont do anything. Charlotte wake up! These little beauties are used everyday and are very much loved, so much so I would say I am in the need for a new pair. I use these before applying my mascara and can honestly say I can totally see the difference these make. Not only do I use them when wearing mascara, but if I am having that odd day where not a drop of make-up makes it onto my face, may I add this is not often. I use these to open up my eyes a little more and add a little something to the bare faced that is hurting everybody eyes.

When highlighters first embraced us with their amazingness, I couldn’t find the right brush. Until a cute little fan brush landed its way into my draw. Again it landed in the draw cause who uses a fan brush. I was wrong again. I am sensing a theme with this post, at least we can admit we where wrong, we can’t always be right, but most of the time I’m right. This applies all of my highlighters to the tops of my cheeks and under my eyebrows amazingly. Rather than having a clump of highlighter burning everyones eyes, it spread the product out evenly. You can of course build the shit out of your highlighter if you want to burn those eyes.

Blender oh, Blender where art thou. If you know you know. Blenders are an absolute essential. Especially when we are talking eyes. If you aint got your blending down, do you really have your shit together. We will get to that one in tomorrows post, did you get the hint? I use a blender brush everyday to make sure my eyeshadows are blended to F*@!. Some of my favs are the Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush, Morphe MB46 Defined Deluxe Blender Brush or the Mac 227 Blender Brush.

What are your essential beauty tools?


CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Lisa Santos

    I love using a beauty sponge for my makeup application. I can never apply my foundation with a brush. It just feels weird!!

    The Lisa’s World

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