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January Skincare Detox

Christmas and New Year may seem like a life time ago but your girls going to be real with you now.

My skin hates me.

Its official, Christmas and New Year have targeted my face and told it to explode. I had an amazing time but my skin has definitely taken a battering and Im sure there is more than me out there thats feeling this way. I hope so anyway. I have my fingers crossed somebody comments telling me that they feel the same way. Lie to me make me feel better even if your like nope, not me. That can be your good deed for the week. 

I have made a few changes to my skincare and diet in the hope that my skin sorts itself out. Well its not sorting itself out, your main gal is putting all those products to the test. I’m going be the golden, glowing goddess we all know I’m meant to be.

Let me give you a little background.

I’ve always suffered from spots.

I’m not talking the odd breakout. Put it this way, since the age of I would say 11 I have had at least one spot on my face. Imagine. 11 year old Charlotte being graced with her period. Did I want to come to terms that I was becoming a women at 11. Nope.

Did I want to come to terms with the other nasty things that was happening to my body. The boobs I wouldn’t admit to having, the hormonal breakdowns, cramp. Oh dont say that word to me. Ive got a bug ok. The spots where real.

So real in fact I ended up going to the Drs in the hope he would shake a magic wand above my head, a) my spots would vanish and b) I would also become that one 11 year old girl he made periods disappear for the rest of her life.

Little did I know, later on in life when I finally decided to settle down for little cherubs of my own I would be also hating on every period that came. DISCLAIMER! No children are in the thought process right now. In fact the implant has just been placed in my arm, and by jo does my whole family know about it. But thats a story for another day. MOOD SWINGS!

What we here for again, oh yes thats right. My skincare routine that is going to banish spots for life. Lets see.

Call me gross but you’ll find me most morning with a cotton pad full of micellar water “cleaning” my face before applying make-up. I am fully aware this is not “cleaning” my face. But 7am Charlotte would argue with you. I’ve never been the one to want to throw cold water over my face in the am. But I’ve got to start. I made myself feel a little ill when I thought about the bacteria and dirt that builds up on my skin through the night.

Number 1 of get rid of those shitty spots: clean your damn face.

Step 2, use that skincare you swore you needed. When you stamped your feet in the shopping centre because your other half told you didn’t need any more serums, you are beautiful enough. Thanks for making me feel good Alex, but I’m going to tell you. Never tell a hormonal gal they don’t need another serum for the face they hate. Thats not going to end well.

Im going to use up those products that are there to help my skin. Rather than moan about the dry patch, the patch full of spots get rid of it with the products that where made for them.

A few of my personal favs:

Pixi Glow Tonic, I use this one night after cleansing (double cleansing right now!) You can read a little more in depth about this here.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, the best for the spots that just seem to be there for days. They don’t pop up to say hello but are nowhere near the point of saying goodbye either.

Keihls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I use this on a night and find it helps to super hydrate my skin and also help to get rid of any scarring left over.

Step three, drink all the water. You think your drinking enough over there, one glass of water a day guy. Nope. Think 5 times that. Im going to try and get back up to my 2/3L of water a day. I find it particular hard when its cold outside to drink water. But when I do get the right amount of water I notice a huge difference in my skin. Get yourself that glass bottle you’ve been telling yourself you don’t need. You need it. Because that gem is going to get you from dull to glowing.

Step four, similar to the last. We are going to need to head to the supermarket. We need a huge mix of fruit and veg to recover from the multiple picky teas and chocolates you ate over the past two/three weeks. I popped on my glasses and did a little research for you guys. If I tell myself its for you maybe I can find a few helpful tips for me. Im not being selfish here.

Dark Berries are full in antioxidants which are going to help the over production of free radicals in our body. Free radicals are chemicals which can cause damage to proteins, fats etc which we need in out diet.

Watercress, add a hand full to your salad, this little beauty is going to help cleanse your skin by getting rid of any bad toxins in your skin.

Vitamin C, oranges, oranges and some more. Vitamin C helps to heal blemishes, not only are we here to combat those little poops from coming up but we also want those that have already habited on the skin to heal properly so they leave no evidence of their existence behind.

Another little thing I am going to try is to remove dairy from my diet. Not only does this stop me from eating chocolate and goodbye IBS tummy. There are studies to claim that it helps with acne suffers as it is thought that it contains a hormone that can trigger your oil glands to work a little hared than they need to. Hello oily skin, you are not needed here.

If you have any other tips you think I could try to help with this nasty skin of mine, shoot them my way!

CharlotteSamantha. OX





  • Rinky Dinky Rhi

    I’m with you on the water – I barely even drank one glass of water a day (other than many teas and coffees) but so far this year I’ve been hitting my 2 litre target every day. I bought a huge water bottle from Primark which holds 1.5 litres so that sits on my desk to remind me!! I have to say though, my skin has been garbage ever since. But that might be a combo of a flush out and hormones, joy. I’ve had more energy than normal though and it’s got to be better for me though so I’ll persevere.
    For my skin, I now swear by the Mario Badescu seaweed cleansing soap after I read Rachael from Helpless Whilst Drying’s review. She said it’s magic and it really is! I definitely recommend it xxx

    Rhi |

    • charlotte samantha

      I will have to have a look at that cleansing soap, I do love the Mario Badescu products, thank you! ox

  • Lisa Santos

    Seems to me that you have your skin care sorted!! I have also been trying to drink a lot more as it really changes my skin xx

    The Lisa’s World

    • charlotte samantha

      Lets hope I can keep up with it! ox

  • Kelsey Kennedy

    I really need to start looking after my skin more, especially in the winter. Thank you for the useful tips & products!!

    • charlotte samantha

      Hope it helped you ox

  • Caterina Sosso

    I need to buy the Mario Badescu drying lotion for my pre – periods spots!! Thanks for reminding me x

    Caterina |

    • charlotte samantha

      It is honestly amazing! ox

  • Saira Bashir

    You’ve got your skincare sorted babe ! Definitely have all the important bits – water, diet and a good regime ! Keep it up and I’m sure your skin will get better Hun!

    • charlotte samantha

      Thanks lovely, one week down and I feel like they are settling a little ox

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