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Summer Favourites

What better way to tell myself we are officially heading into the Autumn other than to do my Summer favourites. I feel like this Summer has flown by and it won’t be long till the Christmas tree is up and we are getting ready for the new year all over again. Not that I think that is a bad thing because if you know me you know I am a sucker for a new year, new start and all that. 

To be honest.

Today I’d rather not dilly dally around the truth of this post, I don’t want to talk too much about the Autumn because that is all to come. I hope your as excited as me.

In first place we have. I don’t know why but when I was typing this I felt the need to say that, you know all horse racing style, not that I would know because I’ve never been to the races but we can just pretend for now that I know what I am talking about. Anyway, Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in the shade Ivory has been my go to foundation this Summer. I was all about the glow and this does exactly that. The foundation itself has a slight shimmer to it which creates the perfect glowing base for those of us who didn’t get much of a chance to see the sun this year. Although I did head off to France, it rained the whole time. Which meant a pretty wet tent and all outfits planned were covered up with the biggest rain mac. Back to the foundation, this is super light weight, covers any nasties that you don’t feel like showing off and really does add the perfect glow to your skin. This will 100% be a repurchase next year, but for now I’ll be heading back to the matte foundations. I have also been non stop reaching for a bronzer and blusher that I have been wearing together. They make the perfect duo. For the bronzer it is non other than Benefit Hoola did you think I would pick any other for my Summer favourites. This has the perfect balance of shimmer and matte to it, it doesn’t add too much shimmer that it makes you look like the sparkly pumpkin from Lush but it adds the right amount to make you look sun kissed. Are you sensing a theme yet. Pretend you’ve got a tan from all the sun you haven’t seen. The blush is Tom Ford in the shade Love Lust, this one isn’t too bright but isn’t too dull its the perfect everyday in-between shade. Again with a small touch of shimmer which makes you look like the goddess your inner self knows you are. Last in the make-up is a product that I will be using in the winter, but has been great for the Summer due to its staying power. Its the Benefit Ka Brow in shade 3. This little pot of goodness has got my eyebrows down to perfection. It takes me about a 1 to be happy with my brows since using this and I feel like its lasting me forever. This was bought for me last Christmas and its all I’ve used everyday (other than the odd day where make-up doesn’t make it in to my face) and I would say I’ve still got over half left. Amazing.

There are two skincare products that have made it into my Summer favourites this year. The first being the Superdrug Vitamin E toning mist, I love a good toner but sometimes having to use a cotton pad morning and night is a little too much. Is it just me who feels like the extra added time of having to get a cotton pad and tip the right amount on would mean you had to get up 5 minutes earlier. Id rather take a mist sprits it on and Im good to go. This toner smells like summer. I have no other words to describe it, I need you to go to Superdrug and give this range a sniff, then come back to me and tell me I’m wrong? I mean there is a high chance I’m wrong because we don’t all smell the same things and maybe this reminds me of a Summer that I just can’t remember but who knows to be honest? The other product is the Botanics Hydration Day Cream, I was after a new day cream and this little beauty landed on my door step. I have been using it all Summer and the gel formula just really works. I can really feel it sinking into my skin and adding all the goodness it needs. After using this for around a week I really noticed a difference in the areas that before where really dry. I recommend the new Botanics range to everyone, there is a little series of products for anyone and everyone.

What where your favourite products of the Summer?

CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Carolina

    Beautiful products. This summer I wore just light makeup, didn’t do anything heavy besides Tarte Shape Tape. I didn’t even used bronzer! MAC Blushbaby was and always will be a favourite, as well as the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Powder, some bright lippies and NYX SMLC in Rome! xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

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