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September Goals

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting looking out the window, with Maise Peter’s Place We Were Made playing in my ears, with my pumpkin candle burning. Although really I should be sat typing up this blog post, but thats why we give ourselves these goals and you know what sometimes you just need to look out the window and concentrate on anything but whats going on right now. And thats what I find so perfect about this time of year. I feel like I’ve set myself some realistic goals this month, I find the start of September super exciting but it can also become super daunting. Fingers crossed this month is a super productive one. I just took a pause from this blog post to go and cut my banana bread and let me tell you, this shit is the bomb. Ive also made the cinnamon butter from Kate La Ville post which you can find here. I could eat that stuff straight from the bowl.

Create My Routine 
Something about me, I work in a school. Which means I get the holidays off. Great I get a lot of time off from work but that also means I get lost from my routine. I get stuck in a little bit of a negative rut which means I end up feeling super down and have no motivation to get on with the things that I love. Im telling myself that I want to get back into my routine, waking up early enough to have some time out on a morning for me, getting everything ticked off my to do list and keep on top of the other mundane life stuffs. You know like the washing pile in the corner that just never seems to go down, or the ironing pile which actually then turns into the washing pile because it has sat there too long. Lets blow off the cob webs and start a fresh.


Stick To It 
There are so many things that I tell myself I will do everyday / week or even through out the month. It get to the end of the month and I think why on earth did I not just stick to that. It get me so angry, but then I realise that its only me who can change that. This month I want to stick to two things one is my weight loss. Im not going to go into detail with that because its something I’d rather keep a little more private and the other is getting my college work completed. I finish my course in January but I honestly just want all the paper work done and dusted.


Clear and Sort 
Im pretty close to completing this already. But I’ve still got a little way to go. With my fresh new start I wanted to have a huge clear out, get rid of the things that where no longer needed and sort my shit out. I never realised how much shit I actually own until recently, I want to have less and feel better about the things that I have. My clothes are a biggy here, I’m the type of person who keeps things just incase. But when just incase comes around I’ve actually already bought something new and want to wear that more. Ive decided that me and my mam are going to have a car boot one weekend soon which helps to make this happen that little bit faster!


I’d love to here your goals for September? Are any similar to mine? Let me know in the comments!

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