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Summer Beauty Favourites 2018

The sun doesn’t know its a star.

Summer 2018 has had it best in beauty for me. Generally speaking they are all new to me which is pretty bloody exciting. Although Summer holds one of the most exciting days of the year for me. My birthday of course. I much prefer the Autumn/Winter. Whilst there are some products to show you when it comes to the Autumn and Winter collection expect a hella lot more.

Im going to be logical here, not often am I not logical because the virgo in me is screaming out anytime somebody does something that just doesn’t roll right. What I was trying to get to from this is that I am going to start with the skincare. In my head that comes first. Enough of my shitty fillers and more onto the reason your here. The Caudalie Beauty Elxir has quickly become on of my favrouite skincare products. I used this every morning, notice the used because your gal has used all of this small product and just doesn’t have the funds to buy herself a bigger one just yet. This Beauty Elixir is packed full of natural products which help to smooth and tone the skin. Honestly, this product is amazing and not only does it feel so luxurious on the skin but it smells devine. The other skincare product that I wanted to rant and rave about is my night time moisturiser because your gal is a fully fledged adult now and actually has a skincare routine. I know queen. The Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream has been doing everything for my super red, inflamed blemish marked skin. This helps with oily, blemish prone skin to help sooth inflamed areas of the skin and also helps with any redness from the sun. 

Logically speaking we would then go onto makeup. Yes? Well thats what I would do so thats were we are going. To be honest there is no real logical way to talk through these next products so we are just going to pick them out at random and if you don’t like the order. See you later sir. Eyebrows. Many of you may remember my constant talk of dying my own eye brows at home, which I have suddenly become very lazy with. but when I don’t have to leave the house everyday who’s gunna see my brows. When my lazy ass can pick myself up of the sofa I have been using the Beauty Edit MayFair Brow Setter because your gal still needs to pin those brows down for good and doesn’t the packaging just look boojy and all the things you could ask for. Whilst we talk about boojy packaging I obviously had to include something from Charlotte Tilbury because she is queen. My go to lip for the Summer has been the Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling. Because please, have you ever heard of a more apt lipstick name for your gal. The formula of these lipsticks are so creamy and don’t feel drying on the lips but last forever. 

Thought Id confuse your little brain and start a new paragraph even though we are still on makeup. To pretend I have a little bit of a tan from the non holiday I was on this year I have been using the Ofra 3D Pyramid, Egyptian Clay Bronzer because this little thing is beautiful. It includes three bronzer shades and a gorgeous highlight, being totally real with you I swirl these all together to create the best bronzed, glowing colour. And because we had to throw it way back at some point my blusher has been keeping me real this Summer. The Benefit Roackateur will forever hold a dear place in my heart. This little stunner is a gorgeous mauve, pink, gold shade which honestly looks amazing with the bronzer. 

Aside from my hair which looks the same in every season, the next area that I would spend a little time to make look better is the old bod. Ya know the bumpy, lumpy thing that holds me up. During the Summer I have been using a sun cream, I know shock I live in the Uk. But its been bloody sunny here. I will never change sun cream now I have used the Hawaiian Tropics, Ive had the oil, the lotion, the after sun and they have all been A*. They smell amazing and actually work no burning in sight. And when I have got that little summer glow I like to use a moisturiser on a night to try and lock in that colour. The Vaseline Intensive Care has been my go to this Summer. Not only does it smells like coconuts it works a treat, its thick but sinks into the skin so your not let feeling sticky and awful. 

Now roll on Autumn, because Im here for all the colours and cosy knits. 



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