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Affordable Make-Up Thoughts

Be your own kind of beautiful. 

There is nothing more satisfying then splurging the cash on one piece of luxuries make-up that looks bloody gorgeous. But sometimes our purses just won’t stretch that far when we are running low on all the makeup. If im totally honest my eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks are well and truly stocked with the most expensive bits of makeup. Yet my everyday items serious lack. 

Well. That was until I took my boring little butt to my local Superdrug and decided that I needed a little splurge on those items that I kept promising I would buy. Because honestly I couldn’t scrape anymore mascara out of the tube, and the concealer was really not concealing anything anymore. Anyone else like me? But I went in and walked out, six products later and £40 down. £40 might seem like a silly amount to some of you but this gal right here has been known to spend over that on one item. Maybe older me will regret those decision but I am living for it now. 

Lets cut to the chase because apparently Ive got period cramps, even though Im on the implant and haven’t had a period in around 10 months. Sometimes you win them sometimes you lose them. Im also typing this post up with 40 minutes spare. AKA in 40 minutes ill be driving to the pub to devour the best dinner. Dinner because who knows if I want a curry, lasagne, burger. Your gal can be pretty indecisive. Im sure I just said lets cut to the chase. Shut your shit Charlotte. 

Im a huge Loreal fan. Mahooosive, infact. So my wobbly butt made its way straight to that counter. The new mascara was obviously thrown into the basket. And boy oh boy is he a goodun. Or maybe the dried up year old mascara I was using was just finished and I hadn’t actually been applying mascara are for some months. Lets tone down the humour for a second so I can actually tell you that the handle on this mascara is my fav. It makes applying mascara so much easier. And no funky face in the gym when Im throwing some slap on before rolling down the stairs to work. This little guy I tell you. A Dimond. Loreal you have smashed it with your Infallible Unlimited Mascara, did you like that name drop. If you want thickness, if you want length. Go. Now. ( actually please stay and read this first, then ill allow you to go get the mascara. but when you get back go watch my new vlog. YASSSS your gal got balls and put a camera in her face and has uploaded it to the world of youtube.) 

While we are at it with the Loreal love lets talk about the next product. Glow Mon Amour, not my favourite name but essentially a liquid highlighter which apparently you shouldn’t shake with the lid lose because that shit will go all over the black jeans that have just been freshly washed and put on. Talking from experience here ladies. If you are ever feeing like you don’t want to be glowy AF and just want to look a tad, I don’t know. glowy. but not glowy af, you catch my drift? This is your beaut. I pop a little bit of this on top of my foundation before I powder because I need the powder everywhere and it seems to set it in place. And if that little dropper doesn’t make you squeal with “Im going to be a scientist’s when Im older / position making” then have you ever been a kid? 

Ok, Im sorry. I found one product from Loreal that im not raving about. It is the Loreal True Match concealer. Now hear me out. I have a hella lot of blemishes that I just don’t want you to see. I need the highest coverage. I know I should have known. But it looked like a super nice formula but its just not thick enough for me. I tried this under my eyes but apparently no. Please correct me if Im doing something wrong because I want to love it. The only way I can describe it is wet. Enough enough, do you hate all words describing words of wet? Because Im sat here thinking of them and Im not having the best time. 

I then took my thunder thighs over to the Revolution counter because it looked like it was shouting of me. I played it pretty safe here though. My eyebrows have been screaming for a new product to be pulled through them for weeks. I spotted the Duo Brow Pencil for £2.50. Bargain queen over here was loving life. Lets get deep again. This. This. Product has made my life complete. Its smooth, its creamy, it matches the colour of my brows and it is super easy. AMEN. Could you want anything else out of a eyebrow pencil. While your picking up that Loreal mascara pick this up too. Its £2.50 why not! 

I call myself a beauty lover but haven’t owned a primer for, who knows 2 years. I just feel like its a unnecessary step. But. I did it for you. I bought one. Because I was thinking am I lying to everyone saying I love beauty when I don’t even own a primer. I picked up the Revolution Pro Pore Primer because hello big pores. Well goodbye once you use this. Im not going to sit here and lie to you because thats not what Im about. I really don’t know what this does. Maybe it is doing amazing things. But I just don’t know. Maybe I need to try some others and then I can decide if these work. Sorry primer queens. 

Im a lover of baking. Im talking the kind you can eat but I am very very late to the baking that is with the makeup kind. Better late than never though right? I need to watch some serious youtube videos to do this right and I probably need a new beauty blender because Im not really sure whats happening. Is my skin suppose to be super tight? I gave it a go, I loved how much brighter my under eyes were but not an everyday step. I just realised I didnt even tell you what product I was talking about. Girls getting hangry. Revolution Bake & Finish. Your a keeper for those days I want to play a little. 

If your thinking Charlotte what the hell are you talking about thats not how you use that please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what I knob I’ve been. Were pals aren’t we? 



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