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Making a House a Home With Desenio

Less House More Home

After living in our house for around three months I knew there was something missing. Despite the boring white walls that are desperate for a splash of colour. Purely because the decorator who did our house literally threw the paint on the walls or at least thats what it looks like. A part from the few bits of furniture we have dotted around everything look a little bare. There has been plenty of home Inspo happening on Pinterest and a lot of online searching. I would also like to add that this post is in collaboration with Desenio. 

First on the list. Get those bare walls looking a little more, well simply less bare. How you ask, when you can’t paint? Well. Ive got your answer my friend. 

Desenio has all the answers for you. If your after statement, simple, feature or a little less subtle. They have all the answers. If your wanting to fill a whole gallery wall don’t you worry your pretty little head, you can even design it on their website. There create your own gallery wall will literally allow you to add any prints you want and place them in the area. It gives you hints and tips on which sizes you need. I was too scared to commit to a gallery wall but when Desenio reached out I was super excited to work with them and was lucky enough to pick a few different prints for around the house. We picked up the Earth and Lune prints for the living room, these work amazingly with our design. The colours don’t take away anything from the rest of the room but are enough to make everyone ask where they are from when they walk in the room. We also picked up the GoodMorning and GoodNight prints for above our bed, these work amazingly. Adding a little something whilst not taking away from the bed which I wanted as the feature in our bedroom. Not only do they sell amazing prints they also sell the right size frame to go with the prints and will show you exactly what size you need for the print you are looking at. This took so much hassle away for me. Ive bought prints in the past which have just sat in a cupboard because I can’t find the perfect frame to put them in. Like I said gals, Desenio have your back 100%. They have even given me a discount code to share with you to get 25% off the prints you are lusting over. Please note though, this 25% won’t come off France and handpick-/collaboratio nposters. Use the code charlottesamantha for that amazing 25% off which is valid from 12th September until 17th September 2018. 

Soft furnishings I think is what they get called online. Basically you want to grab yourself all the throws, cushions, blankets. And all the other ways you can describe those items. I like to go for the colours that Im loving for the particular season it is in. You guessed it right now Im going for mustard, burnt orange, a little bit of pink and grey in the bedroom. Anything that makes you want to snuggle down for the night is going to make your house feel more like a home. How could I forget rugs! If you’ve got hard flooring anywhere in your house grab yourself a rug or two. You’ll thank me later. 

If you could make a guess right now at the last thing Im going to tell you that you need to make your house feel more like a home I think you would probably get it right. Lets call it mood lighting. Im not talking the sexy kind. Im talking fairy lights, CANDLES, lamps. You don’t want that big main room light creating a six o’clock shadow. Girl nobody looks good in that lighting. But pop a lamp in the corner of your room, some fairy lights over the head of your bed, all the candles on all the flat surfaces of your house and your on to a winner. And not only do the candles create a beaut lighting but they also make your house smell delish. Obviously you’ve got to pick the right ones, but im trusting you there girl. You’ve got to out your nose to the test and Im not judging. 

You’ve got the prints hanging on the wall with a cheeky 25% off using code charlottesamantha, you’ve got all the cuddly cushions and throws, you’ve got your candles burning, fairy lights twinkling. There is only one more thing for it. A good Netflix show and a big hot chocolate because there aint no wine to be seen over here. Your gal is T total. 



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