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Spring Make-up with Boutique*

Saving for a house means getting make-up cheaper is all I’m about. I am willing to do and try anything to save an extra few pounds every month. Well, not everything. This girl isn’t about selling anything, you know what I’m saying. Boutique is a range I have worked with before, you can find that post here, its a make-up range by the supermarket Sainsburys. Stay with me don’t go anywhere. I probably felt the same as you do right now, well what on earth do they know about make-up. But honestly when I first tried their lipsticks I couldn’t believe how pigmented and how gorgeous their colour range was. They have grown so much that they have actually added two new products to their range. A light weight face powder and an eyeliner. I was super excited when the email landed in my inbox for me to try some of their new products. You can pick up any of these products from store.

Lets start with the two new products.

Boutique offer their face powder in three different shades, light, medium and dark. Its not the biggest range of colours but to be honest I think its pretty good to start off with. I went with light as I knew that if it was too light I could use it to set under my eyes. This shade suits my skin shade perfectly. I have been using this for about a week now to set my foundation in place and it really works. Its super light weight on the skin and doesn’t have that awful tightening feeling some other face powders can have. For £8 this is definitely worth the try!

The kohl eyeliner pencil is only £3.

I think that’s incredible for an eyeliner. I have used this once on my bottom water line and it did tend to smudge through out the day but I don’t know if that is something to do with me having super watery eyes. All eyeliners seem to do this to me. I think it is well worth a try for any of you who are on the look out for a good cheap eyeliner, this is available in two colors black and brown.

I was also sent two of their eyeshadows, which I was super excited about when I saw the shades.

Worth Its Salt, is a great base colour. I have been using this to set my eyeshadow primer in place and it has been working amazingly. It does have a very slight shimmer to it but nothing too much. It has also been a great base for adding other shades on top. I created a super dark smokey eye a couple of days ago and this held up so well to create the perfect base for applying dark colours and also for cleaning up the edges.

Forty Winks, is by far my favourite. I think possibly my favourite product out of all the items I was sent. This is a gorgeous rose golden colour with a beautiful gold fleck running through it. This looks amazing on blue eyes, making them look super bright. I can see me getting so much use out of this in the summer. The texture of the shadows is super creams, easy to blend and my favourite thing is that they don’t crease on the lid.

Sticking with the theme of eyes.

I was sent the Speaks Volumes mascara in black. Don’t you just love the names of these products. As it says in the name, this gives so much volume to the eyes. It has a big bristle style brush. Which to be honest I don’t usually like. But this one is so nice. You do kinda have to get use to the size cause when I say its big I mean its big! (Thats what she said) I am so immature.

The last two products are.

Rose In The Desert which is a gorgeous dusky pink toned lipstick. I use their lipsticks pretty much everyday for work so this a beautiful shade to add for summer. They are super creamy, apply really well and stay on for a good length of time. They obviously need to be topped up through out the day but they feel really soft on the lips.

The last product is an eyebrow pencil. I got the shade brown which is definitely my shade. I have used this a couple of times so far and they seem to be really good. I found them super build able and easy to work with. Although when I first used it the end completely snapped off. Maybe I was being a little heavy handed woops!


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