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3 Drugstore Highlighters

Im slowly become a highlighter obsessive. As soon as I walk into Boots or Superdrug I am automatic pilot to find the most amazing highlighter. I walk out with a hand covered in all the highlighters. Somedays I go for a super natural highlight, others I want the whole world to see my highlight. I kinda go through stages. Depending on my mood. But they are for sure become one of my favourite things to use on a morning. They seem to automatically put me in a good mood, which I am all about. What better way to show you which I am obsessed with then pop them in one of my 3 posts.

Out of all the highlighters I own, this is 100% my most used.

Sleek Highlighting palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss.

This is such a gorgeous palette. It has four shades, two cream and two powder. Which tbh just make the best combination.

I bought this on a bad mood day and needed something that was going to cheer my grumpy face up. It certainly did. This palette is definitly not for anyone scared of highligher and would be amazing on holiday as the colours are super bronzey. The two cream shades are Dynasty which is the light gold shade and Delta which is true copper shade. The two powder shades are Sphinx which is a birght gold/bronze shade and Goddess which is a pale pink/gold shade. I have been using Goddess and Dynasty pretty much everyday. They are the perfect highlighter shades. This palette is £10 which is amazing for a highlighting palette with four beautiful shades in.

I had to include this one. Its £3.

I know!

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Moon Glow Lights.

This is a super natural highlighter. With no glitter running through it so its literally going to add a paler shade to the highest points on your face. For days where Im going for a much more natural look I reach for this one. Although it doesnt give the reflection that some of the other highlighters do, this one just adds a super natural look which helps to shape the face. And at only £3 I couldnt really not include it.

The last is a limited edition hihglighter from Kiko

But, I found a super similar one when I was in there a few weeks ago. I told you I was just drawn to them!

Kiko Mosaic highlighter in Furture Lights. (Similar here)

Although this is another without glitter running through it this one has a super bright glow. The different shades built up in the mosiac print make a gorgeous highlighting shade. It also has a matalic finish which really lets the light bounce off the high points of your face. I love using this as my brow highlighter!


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  • fannyanddailybeauty

    As I tend to prefer a natural highlight, the Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Moon Glow Lights is really tempting to me, I like both its shade and consistency and the price is reallly friendly indeed! Lovely post:)

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