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The Wedding Edit #1

Is there ever any better timing to talk about weddings when the royal wedding has just been EVERYWERE. While we are on the subject of the royals, can we talk about Meghan’s dress. And not only her wedding dress but her evening dress was something else. Back to what we are really here to talk about my wedding.

WHAT. Just saying that makes me feel all the kinds of emotions. Not only have we found THE location but it is also booked! Its booked, we have the date that we are going to say I Do. 

Honestly, speechless.

Todays edit of The Wedding. Is all about finding the perfect venue. I think this is kind of what put me off booking it for the longest of time. What is its not right? Whats if its perfect and its just far too expensive, these are all things that run through your head. Then theres finding somewhere you both love. Finding somewhere people can stay over if they need to or travel home.

I know what your thinking. But were do you start? Well I suppose you’ve got to think about what you want. From the get go we knew we wanted some kind of renovated barn. To start I literally googled renovated barns in our area. Obviously so many came up and we had to narrow it down by the area we were willing to travel to. We then started to request price lists, which obviously narrowed our list down even more.

We visited a few different places and when we got there thought it was the venue we wanted. but each time there seemed to be a something that pushed us back. We didn’t like the room were we would say I do, we didn’t like the bridal suite. They seem like small things but when you are paying all that money for that one special day, every little thing is huge.

We did visit other venues but just weren’t blown away. We then found a place call Doxford Barns, we fell in love with all the photos we saw of it and finally made the decision to hop in the car and pay Doxford Barns a visit.

As soon as we pulled up we were stunned, it was everything we wanted. From the venue, to the cottages to the staff. We were literally blown away but more about that in another post. When you find the venue, you just know. And honestly we knew. So know we are at the stage of getting all the finer details picked. The colour scheme etcetc.

04-07-2020 – we say I Do

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