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Lets be real. Feet are possibly one of the most (the most) horrid parts of the human body. But sometime’s we got to talk about those things, because lets face it nobody ever does. Im gunna be real with ya’ll. I don’t look after my feet. If I can wear socks with an outfit I will, the fluffier and the brighter the better in my opinion. And nobody said they gotta match. I wanted to start to introduce a little series on my blog where we talk discuss things that are kept quiet within beauty lovers and I s’pose life in general. At least once a week I may be giving a little T.M.I here on CharlotteSamantha but that’s up to you if you want to get in with the discussion and if nobody want’s to have a little chat, at least it may help some of us.

Dry feet. I know gross. But we just got to get over the fact that these post’s are gunna be a little more real. I know this is something a lot of people have issues with. Working in retail being on my feet all day long in heels was horrendous. We came up with the name in work shop workers foot. 100% not the doctors term, if there even is one. But we all seemed to be getting a solid dry patch in the middle of our feet. We tried everything.

When I say everything I mean it. Some of these things worked for a little while and then bam, my feet must have just got use to the products I was using and we were back to square one. The first thing I started with was a foot file, I actually bought two different types. The first one was your stereotypical harsh file, wooden with the file stuck on. I used this before and after I went in the bath. Obviously, you don’t want to be going too over the top but make sure your putting in as much effort to actually make a difference. This just wasn’t cutting it. Literally. The plastic files with the metal, I wanna say cheese grater style was next. This honestly didn’t do a thing. At this point I was pretty frustrated and thought why not just go an get the cheese grater at least it’s a little tougher. For arguments sake I didn’t do that and yes I know how gross that is.

Next on my list was an electric foot file. You know the ones that spin around throwing foot dust all over the room. (yuk) This actually did the trick, for the smaller areas of dry skin that is. There still seemed to be that bit in the middle that just wouldn’t budge. I was even putting on my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream after with those thick cosy socks I was talking about earlier.

Then the magic started, I was kindly sent some Footner Exfoliating Socks, which are basically a foot peel. I was intrigued as you are right now! To keep these simple, you pop on these socks, seal them shut and pop on your socks over the top. Leave them on for an hour, great excuse to get a movie on and pop your feet up, you never know you might fall over. After the hour you rinse your feet with warm water. The packaged read, “1-7 days after application the hardened and dead skin will begin to peel from your feet”. Well I wanted this to work immediately. All I could feel was two super dry, tight feet. Every morning I woke up scratching at my feet until I told myself this is stupid, this sh!t don’t work.

Could you tell what was coming?

I was wrong. 3 days later when I was just about to get into the bath after a long day it work. Again gross. My foot was itchy, as you do I scratched my foot and off came part of my foot. I’m really selling this to you arent I. Naturally, I started to peel away. This was the most satisfying thing in the world. Did you ever put pva glue on your hand when you where little, leave it to dry then peel it off. It was like that but 10x more. Gradually over the next couple of days the whole of my foot had peeled. Leaving, just like the package has said, baby soft feet. I am sold! Although it does advise on the package not to use more than once every 3 months. But seriously, I went into work the next day telling everyone how bloody brilliant this stuff is.

The particular brand I used was Footner which is available on Amazon here. Since then I have kept up with using my electronic foot file and slathering on my 8 hour cream with the fluffy animal socks. Okay I admit it, those fluffy socks I keep talking about are all different animals. To clarify not actual animals just cartoon animals. Back to what we should be talking about my feet have been super smooth ever since. The other half will even give me a foot massage now! Well he did it once, but thats better than never. I s’pose.


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