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Im always for testing out new skincare, in the hope one day I find my perfect routine. The one I say Ill never change. The one I keep up with and never fall behind with. You know the one I’m talking about? When I was contacted by Avernaco and was asked if I would like to try some of their products of course I say yes! This may be the one, the one that I finally fall in love with.

(please take sarcasm as you see it, your girl isn’t for real going to fall in love with a skincare routine, or am I?)

Avernaco are an online shop selling all natural, organic and cruelty free skincare, there aim to make everyone feel the best they can. And with an aim like that could I really say no.

The first thing I picked was the Natralus Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel Spray, which has the healing benefits of organic paw paw, aloe vera and Vitamin E which make up 99% of the product. Which if you ask me if pretty damn good. You tell me a product which 99% of it is made out of three ingredients that we have heard of. Ive been using this on my legs which where seriously lacking in hydration and where actually starting to break out into a little bit of eczema. Shoot me. I hold up my hands to say I can probably count on one hand how many times Id moisturised in January before this little gem arrived. F.Y.I was only last week. And already I can really see a difference in the appearance of my legs.  Also from the same brand I asked to try out the Essential Paw Paw balm, which is amazing for the driest of lips. I think if we can learn something from this post its that your girl needs to hydrate. Get that water bottle with you and add to the hydration. I have been enjoying this balm but honestly I need to remember to use it more. Im one of those girls who always seems to forget about how important it can be to show your lips some TLC. 

Most of you are probably unaware but I was in a bump i my brothers car around 5 years ago, I did have physio but honestly my shoulder is fu*ked. If you look at both shoulders theres a lump in my right shoulder from the whip lash that never recovered. From time to time, when Alex is really feeling nice he will give my shoulder a rub to try and fight the tension that has built up in it over the years. To make this a little easier for the both of us I asked fo the Karma Rub, which is a 100% natural liquid magnesium oil which claims to assist muscle recover, repair and relaxation. If this isn’t an excuse to get Alex to give me a shoulder massage I don’t know what is!

The last one may seem a little strange but its something I have heard lots of people talk about. A natural deodorant, this one is from the brand Perspi-Rock. Honestly the strangest thing I have tried but I can say it does seem to do the trick. This is literally a stick of potassium alum crystals which have been grown in Asia. To apply you literally dampen the top of the stick and rub on as you would a roll on deodorant. I’m all for helping the environment that little bit more so if this helps Ill for sure keep using it. Think about those grandchildren you’ll have one day.


CharlotteSamantha. OX


This post contains gifted items, however all opinions are my own.



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