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Keeping Your Skin Healthy

One of the main things I have always wanted is to have healthy, glowing skin. You know when you look at your skin in a mirror and you just think, what one earth have I been doing wrong! I’ve done it so many times that I finally told myself enough is enough. Its time to do some research. I whipped out my best looking notebook, opened up my laptop and got my research cap on. A few things really jumped out at me, things that I’d never really thought of before. I suppose things that kinda shocked me.

Cleaning my make-up brushes is one of the biggest chores for me in the whole world. There is nothing more I hate than washing my brushes. Its probably because I let them all get full of make-up before I decide it’s time to get them washed, if I washed a few at a time, when they where ready I probably wouldn’t hate it as much. When you think about it, there must be so much bacteria on the brushes and your then just moving all that bacteria round your face. It really is gross! I have told myself that I have to wash them when they need doing, and at least once or twice a month, depending which brush it is.

One for the diet is cutting down on dairy, I actually want to cut down on dairy for my weight loss challenge anyway. But if it is going to help my skin look super healthy and glowing I’m all for it. Diary contains cow hormones that can trigger oil production in the body, this is 100% something I suffer from which causes pimples on my face. Try to use alternatives, for example I use almond milk instead of cows milks, or use dairy free cheese. If its going to help my skin I’m all for it.

My last tip for healthy skin is real cleansing. I hold my hand up and say that 9 times out of 10 I use a makeup and only a make-up wipe to remove my makeup. Its super simple and easy. But it doesn’t remove all my makeup, the amount of times I have gone to use my toner and when I remove the cotton pad from my face there are still traces of foundation on my skin is actually disgusting. To make cleansing a little more fun and interesting I have been looking for the best cleansing brush to use on a daily basis. Preferably one that I can use morning and night that wont irritate my skin. After lots of research the one I am super excited to use is the Panasonic electric facial brush. Its a little out of my price range whilst I am saving so I am saving up any extra bits of cash I get to get this beauty! This comes with a few different settings which helps to keep your skin healthy. To start with you use a heat setting which gently melts away the make-up that is on you face, there are two heat settings for this. The brush head itself has a micro foam technology which creates a finer foam than it would by hand. This helps to break down any makeup that is still on the skin. The long fine bristles allow any deep dirt to be removed. The facial brush also has a smaller brush, which is specialised for your T Zone helping to focus on your pores. This should be used once or twice a week, to really deep cleanse your pores. And not to forget how beautiful this brush looks, sleek white and rose gold accents looks stunning. I am far too excited to get saved up enough till I can be the proud owner of this beauty!

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