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It’s never too late

I am most definitely one of those people who you just can’t keep up with. In my head I start new hobbies almost everyday, always wanting to try something new. Or always telling myself from tomorrow I’ll do that. To be honest its pretty exhausting. Before you know it your in the same place that you where all those tomorrow’s ago. And I am exactly the same with my blog, I fall in love with it then before I know it, Ive forgotten my password and I can’t even log into wordpress. Psst, if your forgetting your passwords all the time like me, I’ve learnt a new trick. Write them down, I know genius! But if those tomorrows never come true and your forever going back to the thing you first fell in love with, just remember its never too late. It’s never too late to pick up that book that you’ve been reading for the past five months and get it finished. It’s never too late to start that diet you have been meaning to since last year. I suppose what I’m trying to say is never give up. If there is something that you love doing but just find yourself making up excuse, its okay, its never too late to get back to it.

I got myself stuck in this kinda rut with my blog. I was sick of feeling like I had to think of a topic that the blog post fit in with, if it didn’t could I still post it? My blog doesn’t fit with the same look as everybody else’s, shall I not post it? Because I was asking myself all these questions before I posted anything on my blog, a lot got saved in my drafts. I have decided not to give my blog a theme, yes I love beauty, but I also love lots of other things. From fashion, fitness, I am currently saving to buy my own house as well as planning my perfect wedding. I want to document all of this. because lets be serious this little plot of the internet is for me. I want to look back on this and think, yes I remember the day we viewed that house and it was the worst house we have ever seen. Or yes I remember the day I tried on the first wedding dress and loved it! I want this to be more like my little diary. Venting my problems but also reflecting and sharing all the amazing things that happen in life. Of course there will also be the very stereotypical blog posts, of my favourites, beauty reviews etc. But I want this to be very a real. A very true picture of what my life is and who I am.

Welcome back, sit back and expect to see a lot more real content around here. With amateur photographs and the highs and lows of my little life.






  • Lauren

    Love the photos! And great post, it’s definitely something that I can relate to. I’m always trying to start new activities and hobbies and then drop them a few months later for something new. Blogging is the only thing I’ve actually stuck to over the years, and there have been a few times where I’ve almost gave up on it as well. Goodluck with the future of your blog, can’t wait to see what posts you have in store!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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